Getaway in the country

Daniel and I used to hit the road at the drop of a hat. I love planning vacations, whether they are roadtrips, flights, or a combination. If I have some downtime, I am usually favoriting Airbnb locations I want to drive/fly to. That’s how we planned our Isla Mujeres trip in 2018.

round top family roadtrip

Planning a trip, let alone traveling as a party of 5 (6 with Osa!), is a bit different these days – especially thanks to the current pandemic. Instead of attempting to fly anywhere, we’ve been roadtripping. Our first attempt was camping, and our second was about ten times longer, driving to Florida. ha! The longest they’d been in a car before the drive to Florida was about 4.5 hours.

round top family roadtrip

When a friend of ours invited us to stay in one of her Airbnb cabins only a short 1.5 hours away, we were glad to pack up and go!

The drive was really nice, and the last 30 minutes were even nicer: country roads, grass, trees, and cattle. It was not hard to find their land, and the drive into the property was beautiful.

Lila hopped out of the car with her brothers, and they immediately started exploring. We were excited to feed the donkeys, Osa ran around sniffing everything, and the boys found the water pump and went crazy. It as nice not to worry too much about the kids wreaking havoc and/or getting hurt.

round top family roadtrip

For dinner, we went into Round Top. I guess everyone knew about the incoming rain except us. There was barely anyone around – and we were told it’s a pretty busy part of town. The food and drinks were great, the kids entertained themselves on the patio, and then the rain came. We had just finished up, so it was good timing, but I wish we could’ve explored the square.

The cabin where we stayed was gorgeous and cozy. We brought the boys’ extra large playpen (travel sleeper), but trying to get them down led to Daniel and I trying out the twin beds that were super soft. Lila slept like a log in her room, after a fun afternoon of exploring, and we took the upstairs king bed with it’s own private bathroom. It was all really nice! Once the kids were down I showered, read a book, and relaxed in bed. Not gonna lie, my boys are still learning to sleep in new places, so we usually have to deal with a couple sleep interruptions, but all in all it was a fun trip for everyone. 🙂

If you want to check out the properties, here are the links for Saddle Creek Cabins:

We stayed in the THREE BEDROOM.

They also have a FOUR BEDROOM cabin

and a STUDIO.



  1. Glad you were able to visit. So great to meet the twins in person. Bring Lila back for animal adventures as the frogs 🐸 are multiplying.
    See you soon.

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