Mother daughter sleep routines with Natrol®

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Mother daughter sleep routines with Natrol®

When motherhood started encroaching (see: pregnant), I became pretty moody when my sleep was interrupted. Thinking back, I feel kinda bad for Daniel because even when he was super sweet and made me breakfast, I’d get upset because I didn’t get to sleep longer. Oops! It’s like I already knew my days of sleeping in were over. 🙂

I miss the days of sleeping in until past 7AM. How did high school me sleep until noon?? Obviously I value sleep – even if I don’t get enough. But the process of getting to sleep is where I struggle. There’s always so much to do once the kids are in bed, and then shutting my brain off is a whole other story. Lately I’ve developed more of a routine for winding down, and Natrol® Sleep+ has become a part of that.

Mother daughter sleep routines with Natrol®

After the kids are asleep and I’ve finished up any chores (ahem, laundry), I take my Natrol Sleep+ Immune Health supplement, which is a powerful sleep blend with secondary ingredients for added immune health benefits, and then either read a book or watch my favorite TV show in bed. I have done this for about two weeks now, including the Natrol Sleep+ for occasional sleeplessness+, and end up rolling over and getting cozier just as I fall asleep. It has offered me some much needed assistance. The weighted blanket Daniel bought me for Mother’s Day is another new part of my routine, too.

And the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. I’ve seen my mom struggle with sleep my whole life (which is why she will also be trying Natrol Sleep+ soon), but I’ve noticed that recently Lila has been getting up in the middle of the night to crawl into bed with Daniel and myself. And even when she does sleep through the night, the mornings are rough if Lila has trouble getting to sleep. Tired Lila = tearful Lila. Adding Natrol Kids Sleep+ into her bedtime routine has helped tremendously!

Mother daughter sleep routines with Natrol®

A previously tough bedtime has become a much easier routine for all of us. Lila wants to take the gummies whenever it’s harder for her to fall asleep, and I’m happy when she dozes off peacefully instead of begging one of us to stay with her.

She and I both take one of our favorite Natrol Sleep+ gummies about half an hour before bed. For Lila that is just before brushing her teeth and story time.

She loves the gummy texture, and they taste great, too. It’s definitely a treat for me as well!

We started our sleep journey with the Natrol Sleep+ Immune Health sleep blend, but will probably switch to Natrol Sleep+ Calm for adults and kids as soon as we start to travel again. I love how there are secondary benefits for this 100% drug-free sleep aid. It’s not just your regular melatonin supplement, hence the name Sleep+ because it’s “plus” other ingredients to help with concerns like immunity (with Zinc and Vitamins C & D), active minds (hello, calming herbals!), and beauty (Biotin and Vitamin E blends). 🙂

Mother daughter sleep routines with Natrol®

Visit and let me know how you decide to plus up your sleep! I’d be interested in any other bedtime routines, whether it’s for adults or kids. It’s going to get interesting as my boys get older!

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