Escape to the Woods

anniversary escape to the woods

Every year, instead of gifts, Daniel and I take an anniversary trip. It used to alternate between something smallish (in Texas mostly) and something a bit bigger (leaving Texas). Obviously the last couple Mays were pretty sucky, so we kept our anniversaries in Texas. Last year we stayed at a popular tree house in Fredericksburg, and this year we stayed in a cabin in the woods – that ended up being more of an island.

anniversary escape to the woods
On a boat, headed to our Airbnb island!

The owners contacted me a few hours beforehand about the fact that the river water had been really high for a week because of the recent rainstorms. So high that the roads to the cabin were all flooded. They asked how adventurous we were feeling, and we decided to go for it. Daniel and I had picked up some supplies at the store, and then decided to grab some local to-go “just in case” we couldn’t get off our little island until check out. And that’s exactly what happened! ha!

anniversary escape to the woods

I’ve never been the kind of person to get bored. I brought books, there was a hot tub, beautiful scenery, and I had my phone. Boredom was never an issue. Bugs may have been a slight issue, but I did get to do my hair, and it stayed pretty cute all weekend. 😛

anniversary escape to the woods

The cabin was built in November and super gorgeous. I loved how it felt like you were in the middle of nowhere. The swinging bed was soothing, but at night, I woke up and rolled over a couple times and it wobbled all around. ha! The cement/stone tub and jacuzzi were nice. It poured rain on our first evening and we watched from the jacuzzi. That was pretty cool.

anniversary escape to the woods

We got to nap, Daniel read a lot, and I was inspired to make a couple videos, which I haven’t done in a while.

I would definitely recommend this cabin to anyone looking for a relaxing weekend. Hopefully you can leave for a meal or something. There are a lot of bugs in the late afternoon/evening, which made me go inside – mostly on day two. Daniel and I stayed on the porch most of the late morning/early afternoon because it was too warm in the house.

anniversary escape to the woods
Aaaaand here I am with my eye shut but already got bit by an ant trying to get this shot.

For the amount of loveliness the place offers, those aren’t deal breaking cons for me. Here is a link to their Airbnb listing if you are interested!


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