Most of you know that I’ve received both Moderna vaccines. I want to share for those of you that do not know. And try to ebb any anxieties you may have.

At first I was afraid to make a Facebook/blog post about it because of all the conflicting views, but I had the opportunity to get vaccinated last month, and gosh darn it, I’m going to protect Sebastian as best I can. And my parents – they got vaccinated as well. There was a lot of guilt. But teachers should be considered frontline in my opinion, and one of my kids is medically complex. So there you go.

Covid in my family:
My 95 year old grandparents tested positive for a month. My aunt who takes care of them of course ended up positive as well. Thank goodness their symptoms were mild. They overcame covid and have been negative for a couple weeks now. My grandpa probably has some damage to his lungs, and now I really really need to figure out how I can visit Miami again one day soon. Several friends of mine have had covid, as well. Many have basically said, “It wasn’t fun.” Others described it in more detail –  they had trouble breathing, they got tired very easily, and then of course there’s the fear of whether it’s going to get worse.
I have a friend currently hospitalized with Covid pneumonia. Please keep my friend in your thoughts and prayers.

The first vaccine was the least painful shot I have ever received. And by “least painful” I mean I barely felt it. Daniel and my parents said the same thing. Maybe it’s a super tiny needle? I’m not sure. My arm hurt for a couple days to where I couldn’t lay on it, but that’s about it. 🙂

I heard that the second vaccine is not as kind. I can vouch for that. I experienced side effects, as did Daniel and my mom. My dad? No side effects at all. He was grand.

Our second vaccines were administered around 10AM. At about 10PM, when the kids were in bed, I started to feel pretty crummy. I had actually fallen asleep in Lila’s bed (not unusual) and Daniel came to wake me up after about 30 minutes (also common). But unlike other times where I am laying with her over the covers for an easy exit, I had practically tucked myself in. When Daniel woke me up, I was cold. From there I started to feel a bit feverish. My temperature got up to 99.9 I believe. I got into bed, fully clothed, and fell asleep. The next day Daniel said he was also really cold and his body hurt.

Prepping and feeding the kids their breakfast the next morning (6/7AM), changing diapers – it all felt like a huge feat. Then around 9:30/10AM we were good to go. Twelve hours of yucky feverish type feelings and we were A-OK. My mom’s fever was delayed and lasted about a day longer.

If I didn’t have the young children, I wouldn’t have minded the fever as much. Your body kinda aches and you are chilly and lay around in bed all day drinking fluids and eating jello. Who doesn’t want that? LOL But really, the side effects weren’t awful. I’ll take those short-lived side effects any day over testing positive and dealing with the roulette wheel of symptoms from Covid.

I used to opt out of getting a flu shot. “I never get sick,” was my typical response. When I got pregnant with Lila, it was recommended that I get the flu vaccine so that I could protect her, too. So I did. And since then I’ve been getting it. Not because I think I’ll get the flu (Cuban immune system, yo), but to protect others. 

There are so many people in our community that are tired of hiding in their homes. I miss eating at a restaurant. I miss going to the gym. I miss walking around Target. I miss going to a movie every few months with Daniel. I haven’t even been able to take Lila to a movie in a movie theater. But I can’t do any of these things because of those who are living irresponsibly. Please do your part and think of others.

My entire point being, some of my family has been vaccinated and we are doing great. Our reactions varied, and we are still doing great. When the opportunity presents itself, I hope you choose to get vaccinated.

I still mask and double mask. I wear my face shield at work, and we have plexiglass around the circulation desk. Just because I am vaccinated does not mean that I feel “free.” It’s not safe yet. Let’s make it safe.

Here’s a really good article answering some common questions that make people hesitant to get the covid vaccine.

PS I’m not sure who needs to see this but: