Working on: A lot has transpired in the last year, and I’ve discovered a lot about myself, as well as others. I’ve been working on being more open minded, forgiving, and possibly seek help regarding all of the trauma and anxiety we’ve been through.
On a much much lighter note, I’ve also been really excited about my partnership with the PBS KIDS Hero Elementary. There’s a previous post and an upcoming post associated with the TV Show that Lila loves to watch. It’s been such an honor to share about!

Anticipating: Is everyone basically just holding in very long sigh of hopeful relief for something to change in regards to covid? I have been getting so frustrated again. I’m anticipating shot number two in a few days. I did read that there is a greater possibility of a slight fever, but I’m not worried. A friend of mine is getting hers soon and she’s so excited to hold the babies. Let’s hope there is an “end” in sight.

Thanks to my sister and BIL for the belated birthday celebration. 🙂

Wearing: Daniel and I jumped on the “healthyish” train at the start of the year. We’ve kept a few pounds off – obviously he is losing more weight at a greater speed because men (eyeroll haha) – but it’s been nice to fit into my bottoms and tops comfortably. My favorite stores right now are Old Navy/GAP, Abercrombie (sweaters and jeans), and surprisingly, Ann Taylor.

Eating: A lot of quinoa, eggs, Gardein chik’n is one of my faves to put in a wrap, salmon (thanks, mom!), oatmeal, fruit. When Sebastian was hospitalized recently and it felt like everything was spiraling, Daniel and I clung onto our meal plans for dear life. Also, eating in front of a child who was banned from food for over a week is kinda hard.

Listening to: The Bluey soundtrack, actually. It’s so lovely! If you’re into the show, definitely check it out.
I’ve also been listening to The Office Ladies podcast, Ear Hustle podcast, and a friend of mine told me I should check out NPR’s Up First.
Watching: This rarely changes…I’m still into Below Deck (judge away!). I watched a couple series on Netflix. Love on the Spectrum was super interesting, and I wanted to see what Bridgerton was all about.

Reading: A friend of mine got me Veronica Roth’s new book for my birthday, Chosen Ones. I’ve also been listening to Fredrik Backman’s Anxious People, which has been really interesting. I got into the Serpent & Dove YA series, but it’s kinda meh. Has it’s good moments but real cheesy. I was also kinda disappointed by Jen Bennett’s newest YA novel, Chasing Lucky.

Motherhood: Other than health scares every once in a while, everyone is doing superbly. I have so much guilt regarding everything these kids have missed out on because of covid. This isn’t anything original, but I really feel for Lila. We are slowly doing things carefully, but it’s not the same.
Lila is acting like an angsty teen at times, but mostly a cuddle bug. Her brothers aren’t too fond of her hugs, but will sometimes tolerate it. ha!
I am envious of her wardrobe and adore her fearlessness. She’s doing a great job with reading and I couldn’t be more proud.
We are working on the “I want” statements, and manners in general. She’s pretty polite but takes advantage of family members’ kindnesses. LOL

Alaric is a trip. He’s most definitely the wild child. He already knows those dimples will get him out of the trouble he likes to cause. His smile is infectious, as are his giggles. When he isn’t getting enough attention, he will lay himself on Lila or Sebastian and roll around, much to their dislike. Although sometimes Lila doesn’t mind it. 🙂
He’s got a few words in his back pocket, enjoys stumbling around and pulling drawers open, is somewhat of a picky eater, but will eat a ton. His bottom front teeth have grown in and the top two are jutting out and ready. Those chompers are ready for some grub. A running joke is that I am already anticipating a big box store membership.

Sebastian is doing very well. He’s got his routine pretty much down, and also has a few words in his vocabulary. After losing some weight and muscle in the hospital he is finally trying to stand up and balance again. Even attempting to “walk” while holding onto furniture. Baby boy is getting that strength back!
He is not picky and loves to eat. When I give him a spoonful of water he immediately complains and points at the food. ha! We gotta keep you hydrated, Seb!

They are both sleeping through the night – hallelujah. Daniel used the clippers on their hair so it’s looking a little more tidy than I can accomplish with my scissors alone. The cutest thing to happen recently is they are communicating more frequently, whether excitedly, or in what appears to be Alaric attempting to explain a toy to Seb.

I’m sure I’ve left a million things out, but I’m an open book so you probably already know whatever it is I forgot to mention. 🙂



  1. What did you think of Bridgerton? I was “happy” to support Shonda but I wouldn’t recommend it after having watched IT ALL 😅

    • Haha! I liked it. The last couple episodes took me a while longer to get through once some more conflict arose.

  2. Your kiddos are so freaking cute – though I can only imagine the stress of parenting three little ones during this pandemic. Hang in there, mama!

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