favorite children’s gifts

I don’t usually do gift guides, but there are actually a few products/items that I’ve totally loved for a while, so I thought I’d share. These are affiliate links. I was able to snag them so that if you make any purchases I get some a small percentage of commission.

Here are some gift ideas for the children in your life.

childrens' gift guide

Young children

Over the last six months I’ve noticed that the boys’ favorite items have been simple toys! They love putting blocks in and out of a bucket. It’s been the cutest thing to watch. Although lately throwing the blocks has also been a fun activity… ::eyeroll::

The stacking cups have been a huge hit. I especially like these because they come with a plastic star that keeps the cups together when they’re done playing. I am not a fan of losing a single piece of a toy set. It bothers me so much. (I’m sure I’ll get over it with these boys…)

childrens' gift guide

Clothing wise, I’ve been obsessed with henley onesies. Fleece pants have been perfect for the rising and falling temperatures in Houston. Putting them on and taking them off is easy enough.
My mom got the shoes for the boys’ birthday and they are so cute! I like how flat, wide, and grippy the bottoms are, too.

Oh, and these are a few items we especially love that have been a hit with others’, too.

childrens' gift guide


One of Lila’s favorite indoor and outdoor toys has definitely been her scooter. What I like about the scooter is you can adjust the height of the handles, and instead of turning the handle bar to steer, you use your body weight, which I found was easier to learn.

The first item she ever wanted from a commercial was her Star Belly Dream Light. I thought it would distract her at bedtime but it’s been great, actually. Just make sure you have rechargeable batteries. I also added some other items that she especially enjoys playing with.

I’m lucky that this little girl love to learn. These are some of the workbooks that she actually gets excited about.

Our favorite books to read include a set from The Be Books. They all have great messages, and a couple of them are easy for Lila to “read” (predict/memorize), so she likes those best.

BOB books have been amazing for learning to read. I’ve started having her read me one before bed 2-3 times a week and then I read her a different book.

Clothing wise, she loves shoes and dresses – especially if they’ve got tulle. My favorite brands to shop are Cat & Jack and Old Navy/GAP. They have the best sales!

childrens' gift guide

Do you have any suggestions for the holidays?