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Working on: Daniel and I have finally found a sort of groove with the babies and are able to get some work done around the house. For the most part I am tending to the babies (AKA nonstop nursing) and he is building things or installing things or cleaning things. Whenever the kiddos are playing independently, I try to help out and work on their bedrooms.

I *love* how big the cloud shelves are. Much bigger than I expected.

We just about have the boys’ room done. I really wanted to shop in person for wall decor, but because of the rise in covid cases, I just ordered everything online. It turned out pretty cute! The only thing left to add are photos, which I will order from Canvas on Demand soon.

Side note: I only order canvases from Canvas on Demand because the quality is a lot higher than the other ones I have ordered with a Groupon. The print is clean and the canvas and frame are nice and sturdy. The smaller canvases typically have a thick piece of cardboard on the back, too. You can usually find a Groupon for Canvas on Demand.

Anticipating: Anyone in education, or with kids in school, is probably anticipating the upcoming school year. What is going to happen? There are so many balls up in the air. Will we get the funding to go virtual? Risk going face to face? Le sigh. We continue to wait.

Wearing: Is anyone getting dressed anymore? But really, I have a pair of “mom shorts” I wear almost every day with whatever top. White flowy or a t-shirt.

And I guess this goes into the wearing category? But I’ve also been wearing my roller skates again. They are in desperate need of a deep clean, but we will just add that to the constantly growing to-do list. 🙂

I got Daniel some rollerblades for father’s day, so we’ve been going skating with the twin stroller and Lila on her bicycle and it’s been really run! I even practiced my handstands. ha!

Listening to: Lila and the babies. It’s been hard to find time to listen to anything else, but when I have the chance I’m still super into the Office Ladies podcast, as well as Cassandra Clare’s newest book.

Eating: So far on Weight Watchers I’ve lost six pounds. It “helped” when I got sick with mastitis for a couple days, but hopefully I can keep that extra pound off for now and keep dropping. It’s a slow process since I’m not going to the gym at the moment, but I am giving myself “grace.” Plus it stays off longer that way, right?

Photo on the left is 5 lbs down. I’m using Happy to hide my chest. So sick of this giant breastfeeding chest. haha

Which is to say that I’ve been eating mostly eggs, oatmeal, salads, and then if I want to splurge I’ll save my points for pizza one day, or make a cheat day. There are actually a lot of great options I can fit into my “points.” And these banana oatmeal cookies I make are perfect for when I’m being really good but my sweet tooth is going nuts. 🙂

My dad and the boys, on Father’s Day.

Reading: I’ve been reading Scythe slowly. It’s a pretty interesting YA novel, just not feeling the topic right now (death). White Fragility is on my kindle, and I’m also moving through that slowly. My mind has been really busy with everything going on in the world, so to keep myself from reading more news, or researching things other people say, I’ve been watching a lot more shows.

Watching: Some season or another of Below Deck is always on my radar. I got through the newest season of Queer Eye way too quickly, as well as Never Have I Ever (both on Netflix). I downloaded TikTok and “tune in” for entertainment – primarily animal videos, DIYs, cooking, and hair.

Today I watched Daniel put together our new dining room table! We were really excited to snag this sale because we had a “place holder” table I got on Facebook marketplace until we found a nice table we wanted for the family since we need to seat all 5 of us eventually.

I am holding off on buying new chairs (photographed are the old ones) because I’m looking for something with color, but the same hairpin legs so it all kind of goes together.

More little decorations. Really love the vines around the frame…

Motherhood: I love that the boys are a bit more independent. They will be 8 months old soon. Alaric is sitting and playing, but Sebastian still needs help. I ordered him a floor seat that has made all the difference. He can sit and play with assistance, but still works his core a bit.

The main things going on with the boys: They’ve been eating purees every other day or so and we have started attempting to sleep train. Today was the first day that Sebastian really seemed excited to eat. I can’t wait to give them little puffs to munch on. And last night they slept for the longest span…fingers crossed.

Sebastian will have his ostomy a while longer because of covid. I look forward to the day of his final surgery and he can be fully submerged in a bath or pool. 🙂

Alaric has started babbling “mama dada,” and we have noticed that it tends to be when he’s calling for us? It is still a tad unclear. He also seems to army crawl around in his crib.

Lila is hilarious as ever. She has her frustrating moments, but she’s only 3.5ish years old, so it’s expected. We have workbooks we try to use every other day and Daniel will have sporadic lessons with her.

Our latest venture is reading. I purchased BOB books after a couple recommendations, as well as some sight word notecards and a workbook (and of course a few new toys for the boys). Everything is linked below. The math book is a lot more basic than I expected (tracing and writing numbers). The “math” part is just a few pages at the end.

And then of course she plays or has screen time. Just gotta make these times work. We miss the playgrounds, but we’ll have them back soon I hope. (Please wear a mask! Please go vote!)

Special mention to my Abuela Lila (Lila’s namesake) who turned 95 years old in June. I had plans to go see them. Le sigh. I miss my family.



  1. Oh, how sad not to be able to be with your abuela when she turned 95! But it seems like things are otherwise going well, & your kids are just so beautiful. <3

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