children’s books that feature diversity

I am still a relatively new librarian going into my fourth year, but I wanted to offer a selection of books I’ve either read to my students regarding race and racism, or have been recommended to me.

Unfortunately I have focused so much on making sure Lila has bilingual books, we do not currently have a lot that have to do with the continuous struggle of the black community. A few of these books I am ordering for my own children, and a few I will also take to my library and read aloud to my students.

I saved these Amazon links through my affiliate network because it was the easiest way from my phone while juggling twins. However, I recommend you read that summary and then make any purchases from a local bookstore. 🙂

Another option is to look into the ebook and audio book resources offered by your local library, or even school library. I found a couple of these as audiobooks through Hoopla, and a couple as ebooks.

Please leave your own recommendations in the comments. xoxo

Preschool and early elementary:

A is for Activist

The Skin I’m In

The Colors of Us

Amazing Grace

The Day You Begin


Hair Love

Not Quite Snow White


Here We Are

You Hold Me Up

Last Stop on Market Street

I Love My Hair

We’re Different We’re the Same

All the Colors of the Earth

The Skin You Live In

Whoever You Are

When Aidan Became a Brother

Same Same But Different

Julian is a Mermaid

I Am Brown

Don’t Touch My Hair

All the Colors We Are

The Name Jar

Mama’s Nightingale

Upper Elementary/Middle Grades

A Place to Land

When a Bully is President

Daddy, There’s a Noise Outside

Something Happened in Our Town

The Wedding Portrait

Not My Idea

Young Adult

The Hate U Give

Dear Martin

All American Boys