currentlies – hospital edition

Wow! Apparently I haven’t done a “currentlies” post since I was pregnant. Not that y’all don’t know what I am up to since I share practically everything. Thank you so much to everyone that has been sending us kind messages, prayers, and just rooting for Sebastian in general. I truly think it’s what has put him on this path toward healing. We are in the final stretch!

Working on: As you know, many teachers are working from home now. As am I! Granted I don’t have my own classes, I’ve been trying to assist where I can, especially given my current situation.

Other than my day job, I have been working on a small Instagram campaign that I will publish in the next few days…and basically just changing Sebastian’s diapers, keeping him entertained, and somehow keeping from going nuts in this hospital room. 🙂

Anticipating: Sebastian’s release! I have been home 4…maybe 5 times since all of this began. And Seb doesn’t have a bath/shower in his PICU room. Le sigh. I washed my hair in the sink yesterday. Really fast. See a Pediatric Intensive Care Unit room doesn’t have much privacy at all – with the giant door that’s usually open, and nurses and doctors in and out. So ya. :-O I want my bed, and I want a million showers.

Wearing: The first ten days I was a hobo/slob. I finally found a rhythm and change clothes about once/day. I might keep the same pants on and switch out the shirt/sweatshirt, but come on. I’m in one room. All day.

I’d probably take breaks and explore the hospital, grab something different to eat that isn’t hospital cafeteria food (albeit it’s free for the “caregiver”), maybe walk outside at the park, but with CoVid-19 running rampant, I am holed up in this room, where everyone who enters puts on gloves, a plastic gown, and mask.

The one staple I’ve worn over my shoulders and to bed daily has been a Barefoot Dreams cardigan. Mine is more of a house robe, but it’s been SO WARM, and this room has been so cold! The linked version is much nicer looking. And the Colorful Koala leggings that everyone has been raving about lately.

Listening to: In here, not much, other than hospital beeping. Every once in a while I have a chance to listen to an audiobook, but that’s primarily when I go home to shower. I finished book 16 in the Stephanie Plum series. Just a short and sweet little crime series I’ve been into for the last year or so.

Before we came to live in the hospital, I was listening to the Office Ladies podcast. It’s so good! I will have a few episodes to listen to once we are out! I also need to catch up on the Young House Love podcast and A Beautiful Mess podcast. Recently I’ve also added the Hashtag No Filter podcast to my list. Take a shot every time you read the word podcast just now. 🙂

Eating: I mentioned it before – hospital food. Thankfully they have a decent veggie burger…I also recently discovered a chocolate cupcake on the menu that got me through really stressful days. 😀

What perfect timing for my Hello Fresh orders to be coming in, right? OOPS. No, I think it was just one box maybe. I picked it back up for 4 weeks because of a sale and canceled right after. Daniel has been super sweet and cooking them so’s not to be wasteful.

Reading: I finished a friend’s YA series (Supernatural Reform School) and am ready to start a spin off (Ghost Academy). I also purchased Cassandra Clare’s newest book, Chain of Gold, as well as Sara J. Maas’s House of Earth and Blood. So excited for those!

Watching: I finished rewatching the Office while I was in the hospital with Sebastian (started it a month prior) and started rewatching Community. I just wanted some chill shows I could half pay attention to while I ate dinner and tried to distract myself. Any recommendations?

Oh, and I saw Onward on my last visit home. It was pretty cute.

Motherhood: This is what you are really here for, ya? First off, Lila is doing great. Daniel has been having so much fun with her. They go on bike rides, do experiments, create works of art, do lessons, and have mini photo shoots just for me!

My parents have been taking wonderful care of Alaric. He’s my little chunker. I felt bad because one of the night’s I was home I insisted on picking him up to stay with us and then passed out before he did! I also scared him because he has probably forgotten what his home looks like, and while making silly faces in bed, he busted out crying. My poor babe.

All the days have blurred together. I made three posts while in the hospital thus far (including this one), but I’m unsure how many intubations passed. I think the first post was after he was extubated the first time, and the second was after he was intubated the second time? Anyway, Sebastian was intubated/extubated a total of three times. After his first two extubations his breathing rate and retractions were really scary. His respiratory rate was 90-110, even when he was trying to sleep. And he was retracting so badly, his rib outline kept showing. It was terrifying. The doctors couldn’t figure out what on earth was causing it when he was passing the Extubation Readiness Trial every single time.

Finally, after they intubated the third time, they did a few more cultures and blood tests and discovered that he had bacterial pneumonia. I was probably at my lowest after that third intubation. I was scared, sad, and lonely. I checked on him and went home for the night. My nerves and eyeballs couldn’t take anymore.

The next day I came back to a bright eyed little boy. Sure, he was a bit sedated so the tube didn’t make him gaggy and crazy, but I could tell the antibiotics were making a difference. They also started CPT therapy, which I also believe helped break up the mucus in his chest enormously.

The day of his final extubation, he already seemed more relaxed. Sebastian fell asleep in my arms about three times. I held him almost all day. I watched his chest like a hawk until 1AM, and at 6AM had a little celebration because we made it. The other two times he was extubated led to long nights of breathing fast and trying difference machines until he was finally reintubated.

The second day, little boy was MOODY. I mean, he was crying every 5-10 minutes – no lie. We thought he was just feeling everything because he was coming off his sedation drugs. That was part of it. He was suffering withdrawals. Around 6pm they had to give him morphine because he was throwing legit tantrums and didn’t stop kicking his legs for about 2 hours.

TODAY – the third day after extubation, has been a blessing really. He has been smiling and playing and silently laughing. He had his second appointment with the occupational therapist and a swallow test. They won’t give me an answer as far as when we can go home. Hopefully soon!!

I’ve been waiting for a physical therapist to come by and work with us. Sebastian has fallen drastically behind. He spent his first month in the NICU, and then about ten days laying down after his analplasty, and now it’s been 16 more days in the hospital laying on his back. Poor guy.

Anyway, thank you so much to everyone that has kept Sebastian in your thoughts and prayers. I truly believe it has made all the difference!