Sorry for posting so much lately. The community support has been so good for my soul, especially with the quarantine going on and being the only one in this hospital room with my baby boy.

The messages, comments, and texts have seriously been the best – even if they usually make me start crying again. It almost makes up for having to stay 6 feet away from everyone when I really just want a hug (who am I, even?). 🙂

Sebastian’s nurses have been great company, though. Super sweet to both of us. The doctors, respiratory therapists, kitchen, just everyone. I am very grateful for those that are putting their health at risk to serve people like us.

Sebastian had a good night. The nurses were so sweet and tried to let us sleep as much as possible. The doctors did their rounds this morning, and one of his original surgeons even visited to keep working on his dilations. His respiratory rate is still high, but considering it was consistently over 100 yesterday, being at 80 or below has been so restful for him. The goal is to extubate (again) by Thursday. He definitely looked like he had a good night’s rest today. My heart.

I am taking a few hours away while Sebastian is resting. I want to see my family, take a long shower, and maybe make myself look somewhat presentable before heading back to watch over Sebastian. One of my favorite nurses has him today, which makes it all the better.

Thank you all so much for caring. xoxo