Oh hi! What have you been up to?? Here is a jumble from our world.

what we are doing to keep busy during the corona quarantine

Spring break didn’t even feel like a break because of the obvious pandemic situation, and trying to figure out how we are going to teach students from afar. Planning was this week and teaching is next week. Things are rolling smoothly so far…

what we are doing to keep busy during the corona quarantine

…but it’s really hard to get things done with all these cuties around. The boys are 4 months old now and they get bored of laying around. Alaric likes to “sit” or “stand,” and Sebastian likes to be held up high so he can see. We are still working on his neck muscles.

what we are doing to keep busy during the corona quarantine

Meanwhile, Daniel has been so great with Lila. He busted out the science, bike rides, cutting practice, and more. I miss bedtime routines (sometimes), but that’s usually when the boys are at their fussiest.

Daniel and Lila experimented with colors. First with water, and then with other types of liquids, like cooking oil and dish soap. That was her favorite. I was pretty impressed with the note taking. 🙂

We started trying to take walks since the boys are so cognizant of their surroundings. I mean they still mostly napped, but it was nice. 🙂

Alaric staring at Lila is everything in this photo.

Maybe we will eventually get into a routine with this new normal. Daniel and I have been attempting a routine since they were born.

Two things that need to be an every day occurrence: getting out of my pajamas, and working out. I find that on the days where this doesn’t happen, my mental health goes to crap. I start thinking about everything that could happen, that might happen, that is happening, and just want to cry.

Things I miss: picking Lila up after work and getting to see her play and work with her teacher, working out at my gym (I had just started back!), and dining out. (But I’ve missed dining out since the boys were born so – meh.)

How are you coping with the stress?

PS I cut myself some bangs, against the advice of all hair dressers out there. OOPS.

PPS Have you seen my other coping mechanism? Comedy.



  1. My cousin and I were talking about how not working out or losing our routine related with our mental health!
    The pic of the kids on the ground reminds me the photo we took after the Green race one year (that’s what I call the race, over by Town & Country/City Centre)

    • Yes! I remember that race! Didn’t we change our minds and go the 5K route? Lol

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