Preggo Diaries – 36 weeks

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It feels weird calling these updates “preggo diaries” because it’s more like a life update (most of the time). So pardon the confusion. 🙂

Discount School Supply sidewalk chalk

Working on: This coming week is my last before I go on maternity leave. I’ve been trying to get things ready for my long-term substitute and place orders so they can arrive close to when I return.

Um, it’s embarrassing to admit that I am still getting my hospital bag together. I used the guide I put together for Houston Moms Blog, as well as the Twiniversity check list.

Anticipating: Gee, whatever could I be anticipating. 🙂

Wearing: I cried Sunday morning because I attempted to wear my favorite maternity jeans (seen here) that are loose and cozy…and they were skin tight. All I can wear are leggings and dresses these next nine days…both of my legs are entirely swollen and it is definitely uncomfortable. My thighs won’t touch. I officially cannot avoid a waddle.

Listening to: I’ve started What To Do When You’re Having Two again. Podcasts (still) include Young House Love and Ear Hustle. Lila and I listen to YouTube Music mixes that include some of “my” songs and her songs (Disney).

Discount School Supply sidewalk chalk

Eating: Because of my heartburn, dairy has been my BFF. I have been drinking way more milk tea boba because of it. Coffee is still meh. I drink it sometimes, but it also eventually gives the burn. Cravings have mostly consisted of sugar, but a good salad (Zoe’s Kitchen today) also hits the spot.

Reading: I actually went through a slump recently, but I finished Wayward Son yesterday. It was not as thrilling as the first Simon Snow novel, but definitely leads into a third. I started my friends’ YA book immediately afterward, Supernatural Reform School, which I totally love. The beginning sort of reminds me of the Mortal Instruments series, which was my obsession when I was pregnant with Lila. Anyway, it’s totally worth buying. The e-books are super inexpensive (2.99) and the paperback is 10.99. I will say it’s that super soft cover material, and the pages are nice and thick. I’m so happy I have the paperback, but I already want to snag the next two in the series, so Kindle version it is!

Discount School Supply sidewalk chalk

Watching: Did anyone else get the email about Atypical season 3 being out? I’m excited to watch that! I went through Insatiable season 2 pretty quick – even though I thought it was totally lame compared to the first season.

Also Brooklyn Nine-Nine has become my semi-background show. It’s hilarious and provides the perfect amount of distraction when I need it.

Please give me some postpartum recommendations. Nothing that would make me cry…because my hormones will be nuts!!

Motherhood: I find myself wishing I could record Lila 24/7. She says the most hilarious things. Usually I can jot them down in my phone or have her repeat whatever it was she just said, but it’s getting to be so much, or while I’m driving, and I am unable. Her sense of humor is really developing well. I’m also amazed at her ability to reason and make sense of things.

For example, Daniel told her she really needs to work on her inside voice and she asked why. Before Daniel could even answer she said, “Because I’m too loud?” And of course we were cracking up.

My sister, brother-in-law and mom will be taking Lila to see Disney on Ice while I’m in the hospital (post delivery). Of course I wish I could be there to experience her excitement, but I’m so so glad that she’ll get some really special attention and experiences while we are a bit distracted by the babies.

Discount School Supply foam crowns

Shout out to Discount School Supply. I actually have them bookmarked at work as a vendor, so when I had the opportunity to collaborate with the company, I was pretty excited. Originally I wanted to get these foam crowns for Lila’s birthday party, but now we have them for play dates! She has already made three. They’re super easy to put together.

The sidewalk chalk was also a great purchase for group activities, especially with the tracing foam (art starters). They’re big enough for toddler motor skills to handle, too. We all had fun identifying the shapes – ha! The train was tricky.

Discount School Supply foam crowns
Discount School Supply foam crowns

Speaking of dressing up, I love how Lila will go from super princessy to super hero. She was Thor for Halloween and I was Fat Thor…and that went viral. Well, my pregnant Fat Thor tweet did, at least. LOL

Super crazy. Too bad that barely impacts any of my other networks! Ah, Twitter, you fickle little beast.

So trick or treating was the most fun for her this year because she went with a couple friends. We walked around for 40 minutes or so and experienced mostly rejection (Does anyone hand out candy anymore??) but she was sooooo excited when folks did come to the door with candy. It was fun to see. 🙂

Pregnancy: The biggest change I noted above: my legs are super swollen. At first my ankles were swelling on and off, which I can deal with, but I must admit grosses me out. But a few days ago I woke up and my knees and thighs were swollen. No lie, I got on my knees to get something out of a box and it felt like I was wearing knee pads. My thighs are so puffy that I ripped my (already worn) pants between the thighs and can barely even press my thighs together. The last 2 weeks (now 9 days) are definitely going to be the hardest!

The creepy/cool things happening in my belly are that the boys are running out of room so they don’t seem to be quite as wiggly, but when they do move they make waves, or I can feel a knee or foot or something poking out and try to rub or press it and then they wiggle around.

Sleep has been awful and I am exhausted all day, but I’ll have a couple days to mostly rest before the c-section! I know that once they are born I will sleep less, but I’m looking forward to the naps. Because at the moment I sleep in small increments already, but rarely get to nap!

I guess next “pregnancy update” will be a “motherhood update” because those boys will be born! :-O

Wish me luck!



  1. Best of luck on the delivery and recovery! Sounds like your body could use a break…. too bad that doesn’t actually come for moms lol. But at least your will be 20 lbs lighter (or something like that) and you can brag about your great new diet plan ^__~

    As for shows, have you watched The Good Place or Parks and Rec? I know Parks and Recs are super old, but it is so uplifting. It is like the same style as The Office, only with warm and fuzzy feelings because everyone has each other’s back. And I’ve been rewatching The Good Place since the show is wrapping up. It is honestly another show that is funny but gives an uplifting message about humanity.

    • I love parks and Rec! I should totally do a rewatch. Daniel has been watching the good place and I’ve caught a couple episodes here and there. Thanks! Those just might work out ??

  2. Hi! I just found your blog. Best wishes on the rest of your pregnancy and parenting two.

    I second Jennifer’s recommendation about The Good Place. Although I haven’t begun watching season 4 yet. I’m wondering if you liked what you saw when you caught a bit when your husband was watching. I tend to get bits and pieces of what my husband watches as well!!

    Have you seen Lucifer? I love that! I’m wondering if you’d like it because of your liking of supernatural novels.

    Right now i’m watching The 4400…. It’s pretty good.

    Anyway….I hope you get as much rest as possible and that you and your family have good health and many blessings.

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