My Ongoing Financial Journey

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Sometimes I forget that (I guess) I am considered an adult. Growing our family reminds me that I have big decisions to make almost daily, regardless of whether they are the right way to go or lead to those pesky “life lessons.” I just discovered that the decisions we make to lower our credit score might not be permanent, thanks to Lexington Law Firm, a firm that makes up one of the largest networks of credit repair professionals in the United States.

I was pretty lucky in that I led a debt-free life up until a few years ago. I had help in college, lived at home for a bit afterward while I worked, and was able to save up enough money for a down payment on my first car. I was even able to pay it off a year early after I moved out.

About a year before Lila was born, I decided to work a couple of different part-time jobs rather than my full-time job of almost nine years. Instead, I taught math online, took care of pups, and did influencer/blog work. During this year, and my pregnancy with Lila, I made less money, but didn’t exactly alter my expenses. You know what comes next: debt.

Shortly after Lila was born, I knew things needed to change. I went back to school for my masters and returned to working full time. I’d pay off the debt I had accumulated in no time. Alas, Hurricane Harvey took its toll on my family, and although we had plenty of assistance, we now had even more expenses. According to Lexington Law Firm, while a late payment from a creditor may seem harmless, it can have long term consequences, like possibly staying on your report for seven years. I definitely had reason to be nervous about missing one of our many post-Lila/post-Harvey bills while trying to juggle motherhood, temporarily living with my parents as our house was being repaired, working a full-time job and completing my assignments in my master’s program.

my ongoing financial journey with lexington law firm

Fast forward two years. I am finally in the clear, but now we have twins on the way. Here is where my mind went when that ultrasound tech said twins: $$$$$$. I’m sorry – what??? Two more daycare payments? Two more college funds??

I thought I had experienced enough of these little “life lessons,” but alas, more appear to be in store. Being a high-risk pregnancy has led to countless phone calls with insurance, doctors’ offices, labs, and more – just to settle some coverage issues, appointments, and of course, bills. Because my insurance recently switched with my school district, I am afraid that something previously covered will suddenly appear out of network (even though I have practically quadruple checked everything).

Other than the boys’ health, one of my greatest concerns when it comes to the twins expanding our family so quickly is acquiring negative items on our credit history that will impact my credit score – such as the $3,000 medical bill I received last month that took me multiple phone calls over 2 days to sort out. And then, of course, how are we going to fit three car seats into our cars? It’ll be cramped for a while in my mid-size vehicle that just barely fits three car seats (thanks to Lila’s new “slim fit” seat), but Daniel’s compact car will require an immediate upgrade. We will basically be purchasing two cars within a year, and it’s terrifying. I don’t want to damage my credit score with how much we need right from the start. Something I only recently became aware of: My credit is not written in stone. The credit repair industry has recently grown substantially, which created a lot of fact versus fiction information. We all need to know that credit errors can and need to be fixed. 

my ongoing financial journey with lexington law firm

If you’re wondering where you stand with your credit score, Lexington Law is the company that will inform you. They are the oldest and most respected name in credit repair, and the only firm with the legal experience and technology to both support and push for their clients to see results. The way it works is Lexington Law will identify any unfair or unsubstantiated items that impact your credit negatively and challenge it. Their primary focus is credit repair, but Lexington Law also offers tools that assist clients in managing their credit and finances wisely.

my ongoing financial journey with lexington law firm

If you find yourself in a situation similar to my own – maybe you are currently in debt, or you are afraid of repeating the cycle and damaging your credit score, try calling Lexington Law Firm for a free TransUnion Summary Report and FICO Score, along with a consultation. Lexington Law is a CROA (Consumer Credit Protection Act) compliant firm. They are monitored extensively by auditors and regulators. So just like you’d hire a CPA for tax assistance or a doctor to check on your health, people should demand nothing less from their credit repair company. Check them out here today!