Keeping my eyes and ears on this toddler of mine

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In some aspects Lila seems to be growing up way too quickly, and in others, she’s still my little baby. When she says things that make me burst out laughing, I forget that she has barely lived in this world for 3 years! That’s a pretty rad sense of humor.

Then there are moments when I lose my patience because she doesn’t listen, doesn’t accept that I’ve said “no,” or just makes poor decisions. 

We are both learning, and I have to remind myself that although she seems “mature” at times, I still need to keep my eyes and ears on her – which is why we still use a baby monitor, the VTech RM5762 Wi-Fi Remote Access Video Baby Monitor with 5″display and 1080p HD 360-degree Pan & Tilt Camera, in Lila’s bedroom. While Lila plays very well on her own, she’s still just under 3, and therefore doesn’t make the best decisions. Nap time and bedtime are the main situations when Lila should be doing one thing, but is, of course, doing another thing.

A few examples include asking Lila to select one or two books for bedtime, and instead she decides to play or jump on her bed. One of her more recent routines has become exiting her bedroom to ask for water, request another kiss, or ask a question that she “forgot” about. Ha! I enjoy using the monitor as a warning, so I can catch her before she makes it too far. The motion detector option is great in that regard, as is the audio.

The VTech RM5762 Wi-Fi Remote Access Video Monitor includes white noise, pan and tilt motion, zoom options, and two way mics. The pan and tilt controls came in handy just the other day when Lila was throwing a fit during nap time. She’s going through a phase where she will hit her head on the ground when she’s upset. I was able to make sure she wasn’t going to that extreme even as she changed locations in her bedroom. The camera pans up to 360 degrees side-to-side, tilts up to 182 degrees up and down, and zooms up to 10 times. You can also get high-definition video on your iOS or Android device.

When I finally get her somewhat calm and in bed, it’s nice to be able to check and make sure she’s asleep before checking in and repositioning her. Or when she calls out in her sleep, taking a peek at the screen to make sure she’s still okay and in bed. The automatic infrared night vision adjusts as the lighting changes in the bedroom, and the built-in temperature sensor let me know if Lila’s room is getting too hot or cold.

An escaping toddler!

I’ve actually grown accustomed to sleeping with the white noise that comes through on the monitor. Once the twins are born we will get a second monitor for their bedroom, probably the VTech RM5762-2 Wi-Fi Remote Access Video Baby Monitor with 2 Pan & Tilt Cameras (they’re also sold with a fixed camera) and eventually move Lila’s monitor into their upstairs playroom. 

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    • oh man, it takes a while to get used to baby monitors after how they are used in horror movies. HA!

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