it’s not all sunshine and roses

I shared this on Instagram and Facebook the other day, but I want to go into more detail about just how uncomfortable things are lately. 🙂

I know I seem like I gripe a lot when I do preggo diary updates, but IRL (in real life) I am pretty positive. Yes, some days I am walking a bit slower at work, or take a bit longer to stand up, but for the most part, I’m smiling and laughing. Daniel is a gem and puts up with my frustrated texts and exhaustion, but hopefully that’s all the negativity he gets from me.

Okay, so the scary part. For the last couple months, there have been several weeks when I have been plagued with a very annoying cough. Coughing uses your abdominal muscles, and mine are currently stretched beyond belief. So you can imagine how uncomfortable that is, right? Well I thought I was rid of the cough – finally. Alas, it returned with a vengeance last week.

On Friday, my cough somewhat subsided, and I got the chills. Around 9 or 10AM, my back was hurting and I felt kind of lousy. I tried to push through it, but around 11AM I “gave up” and went to visit the school nurse. I didn’t have a temperature, but I did lay down for 30 minutes to rest my back. As soon as I asked to lay down she asked, “You’re not in labor are you??” (Spoiler: No, I was not.)

I tried to finish my lunch after my back felt somewhat better, but I was so cold and achey that I just did computer work for the rest of the afternoon. This is where my mistake lies. I did not consume enough fluids and became dehydrated. As soon as I could, I went straight home, got under the covers, and went to sleep. (Thank goodness for Daniel taking Lila on a few errands.) I took my temperature later on and noticed I had a low fever.

Daniel returned with tea and dinner, all of which I kept down for about 20 minutes. BUT I did feel better after the puke fest. Do you know how scary it is to puke while *this* pregnant?? Screw the pressure from coughing, this is way worse!

SO, obviously I was dehydrated, and the way my body decided to warn me was with contractions. Steady. All. Night. Every chance I got I was sipping water and trying to sleep. I slept a couple hours on, one or two off, a couple ours on, one or two off. And by off I mean, me tensing up (belly, back, and legs) and googling what the heck was going on (most likely Braxton Hicks). It was bad sleep, but finally, around 7AM the contractions subsided.

For the most part, I rested all of Saturday. Standing for more than 5 minutes was difficult. By Sunday I was feeling a lot better and got a couple chores in.

On Monday I was good to go, and even went to the gym. I am hoping to get a few more workouts in before I put myself in rest mode. As long as I am not pushing my teeny squashed up lungs with cardio, I feel pretty good about my very modified workouts.

At this point I am feeling very crowded. I can’t eat that much food at a time, and when I try, I am pretty miserable for a while. TMI, but I love going to the bathroom. Freeing up any room at all makes me feel wayyyy better.

When I look down throughout the day, there is more and more movement as these boys quickly run out of room. ha! They are definitely feeling it, too. And some of the movement can’t be seen because it’s closer to my hips and the underside of my belly. Like, can y’all move a bit higher please? It feels super weird.

And while I haven’t been crazy itchy like I was with the initial quick growth of my belly, I can tell when they are possibly gaining a bit of weight because I am itchy and tight for about one day per week.

I linked similar tops, etc. and ordered the Hocus Pocus tshirt because I couldn’t help myself. 🙂

Let the countdown begin! Exactly 5 weeks to go this Wednesday, October 9th. Stay put little buddies.

PS My doc checked me out at my weekly appointment and I’m all good – even after the contractions. No dilating or anything. Woohoo!



  1. I hope that you continue to feel well. Take good care of the BOYS. God Bless You, and we Love You.

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