Preggo Diaries – 31 weeks

Thanks to D for this shot. Lila’s attempt is at the very bottom. ha!

Working on: Getting things ready for maternity leave, attempting to hit pause and rest, a few last minute blog campaigns to save up before things get cray cray. Lila’s birthday party. Oh, and my hospital bag – which I am using my old post at Houston Mom’s Blog to assist me with!

Anticipating: Um, an even more life changing event. What could it be?? But really, I know Lila’s birth was definitely life-altering, but more children sort of makes me like 100% a mom. It’s just a weird category to fully delve into.

My sister is already helping with Lila’s birthday party. We both ordered a ton of stuff on Amazon today. LOL Thank goodness I’m related to someone who loves to party plan!

Wearing: All of the Rothy’s. Seriously, it’s either those or sneakers because comfort is key at this point. I snagged their newest style a few weeks ago and am completely smitten. Use my link to save $20 if you are so intrigued – I get $20, too!

Also – I have my favorite Veatge pieces on repeat. The blue topaz studs have rarely left my ear lobes since the discovery of twin boys. LOL

My newest Firmoo glasses – a lighter shade and slightly smaller frame for a change.

Have I mentioned that I wear this silicone ring for fear of my wedding bands getting stuck?

And then of course the items shown below. I am in love with this Free People top that I purchased during the Nordstrom sale. The Incoco nail polish strips have been super reliable. This set was a tad thicker than the last so hopefully they don’t peel off quicker. These maternity jeans are hand-me-downs from a coworker and so incredibly comfortable! I love that they are “distressed,” too.

Finally, I had to add my watch band in. These are my favorite for working out. But I keep my apple watch on regardless because I am constantly checking my heart rate lately. It’s been going a little nutty. More on that further down.

Listening to: So. Much. Disney. Lila did get into the Hamilton soundtrack the other day. But when I’m alone I’ll have my audiobooks on – or podcasts. I recently started listening to ProBlogger again.

Eating: A lot of yogurt for breakfast and snacks, chocolate has been a big craving, and I hate to admit that I’ve replaced what would normally be a glass of wine/beer with Pepsi. Have I shared that yet? LOL It always shocks people because I so rarely drink soda. I think these boys have me semi-off coffee, so Pepsi has sort of been my caffeine of choice.

Reading: I am finishing up the Throne of Glass series – very slowly. It’s taking me a while to get into Tower of Dawn. In my last update I mentioned Hard Eight, and now I need to get my hands on the ninth book.

In anticipation for Wayward Son‘s release I re-read Carry On! And now I have Wayward Son and plan to read it next.

Watching: As usual, my guilty pleasure is Below Deck Med. But thanks to Lila I finally saw the Aladdin remake. It wasn’t as good as the original and definitely made me appreciate Robin Williams even more (is that possible??). We watched the original 3 times before watching the remake. Lila calls Aladdin the “Jump movie” because her favorite song is One Jump Ahead. It was really fun watching them both with her. She sort of caught on that it’s the same movie (old Jump movie vs new Jump movie as she calls them).

Motherhood: Daniel has brought to my attention that as my belly gets larger, my patience gets smaller. I catch myself sometimes, but it’s hard not to raise my voice when I get frustrated…and I absolutely know that Lila is, by comparison, super chill and silly, but when she gets into threenager mode, I can barely handle it.

I will clarify that she is lovable, playful, and loves to seek our approval most of the time. Of course there are tantrums, and moments when she sneaks off to do something she knows she isn’t supposed to. Luckily Lila has always been pretty easy to read, and some behaviors just scream NAP TIME, which is typically a relief.

She came home the other day already stating that she has a boyfriend – her bff at school. They are always running around together and it’s the cutest when they hug each other to part ways.

Lila is getting pretty good with writing out her alphabet. One of our favorite activities is tracing and practicing letters. (Can you tell Daniel is the fun parent??) Lila totally loved helping me address envelopes. I let her to the first letter after we practiced it a couple times. She is also great at identifying different animals, current and extinct. Dino Dana is still one of her favorite shows, and just the other day she showed us how she protected herself like the dinosaurs did.

It’s hard not to laugh at some of the things she says, even though we shouldn’t encourage certain behaviors.

I share little Lila quotes pretty often on my Instagram stories. Her judgmental comments about me grabbing a second ice cream sandwich, the lyrics she insists are “Let’s not be too hasty. Still I think he’s grandma tasty.” – and so on. 😀 Her sense of humor is brag worthy.

Pregnancy: I feel like this is always the whiny portion of my life updates – though this time around Motherhood was also pretty whiny. Maybe it’s just how I am when I am growing two beings inside of me and am so uncomfortable most of the time. Ya, that might be it. LOL

I visited my third high risk doctor last week. She was technically the first at the new practice I started with since my insurance changed. And guess what? She was the bomb. The ultrasound tech did a great job of finding all of the boys’ parts and explaining it all, then the doctor came in and asked some questions about what my previous appointment was about (remember the excess amniotic fluid and possible swallowing issue in Baby B) and how none of these things are a concern for her. Since I passed my glucose test she said the additional amniotic fluid doesn’t mean anything, and he seems to be swallowing fine since his stomach was found and was normal. Additionally, because they do appear to be fraternal twins, their weight differences are not a concern because it’s considered two different pregnancies. One of the boys may take after me (sorry, Sebastian) and the other after Daniel (Alaric – we pronounce it UH-LAR-ICK). Alaric supposedly weighed 3 pounds 10 ounces last week, and Sebastian 3 pounds 1 ounce, which puts Alaric about 2 weeks ahead of where I currently am, and Sebastian right on track.

Humble brag: two different nurses commented on my lack stretch marks (at the moment). Big thanks to genetics, Bio Oil, and Mederma. Let’s hope the stretch marks stay away for the next 6 weeks.

As far as comfort…I definitely can’t walk any significant distances without drastically slowing down. My lower back starts to hurt, and the boys shift over my crotch, making it to where I almost have to limp to keep walking. If I am shopping with Daniel, I take his hand so that he can essentially drag me along.

If I sit for too long, it is incredibly uncomfortable to walk right away. We had a fire drill at work the other day after I had been working on a document for about 30 minutes. Oh man, I was probably the last person out of the building. Increasing my speed only makes me have to stop to stretch my legs out. I feel so inadequate.

No matter how early I go to bed, I wake up 5 or more times every night. Either to change my position or go pee. And this is regardless of whether I drink any water before bed or not.

The most frustrating thing is that my heart rate has been jumping lately. So I try to take it easy and check my apple watch frequently. I’m fine when I am working out because it seems to be cardio or mental stress that effects me.

Oh, and the boys have been moving a ton more lately. Maybe it’s because they’re significantly larger than before and I can feel it more, but it’s a lot freakier with two than one.

Lastly – My regular OBGYN is looking at scheduling my c-section within week 37 (full term for twins), which would be the week of 11/11. A week earlier than I had hoped for, but I requested for a day later that week rather than earlier. Waiting to hear back! How many times did I just use “week” in this paragraph?? 😛

Did I leave anything out? Happy Monday!

Thanks to Lila for this shot! But where are my feet?! LOL



  1. Wow! I will think a lil differently of my friends or people I know with twins – what an update!

    • Can you imagine me so inactive?! I am supposedly recommended to lay down for 3-7 additional hours a day. :-O

  2. Whooo! Getting to the end! I keep thinking “when is she due again? soon?” but I guess it is because your so much bigger (cuz duh twins)

    I am happy to found a doctor that works for you (and your insurance!) Everyone is different, and sometimes doctors aren’t very good at their people skills and that can be extra rough for people.

    I totally understand what you are saying with Lila. My little Wolfie is in many ways a good boy and much easier than when he was younger, but maybe more of the frustration comes from thinking they should know better? Like I am finding myself so much more frustrated in the morning getting him up into his room to change, and realistically it isn’t a big deal…. but it feels a little like “JUST DO IT! IT’S NOT SO HARD!!” It is something I know I need to deal with because I don’t think it gets better as they get older, just different excuses! lol

    • You are right about the frustration! Daniel often reminds me that Lila is way more patient than we give her credit for. And she is only 3 and might forget things, even if they are things we do regularly. In the end I love her to pieces. 🙂

  3. I am so happy to read these posts, we love them. BUT….. we love you all more. When are you due. Please let un know. Love You and lots of kisses and hugs to you, Lila, and Daniel.

    • My delivery date is scheduled for 11/13! Fingers crossed I make it! <3

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