my “good eater”

This post is sponsored by General Mills, but all opinions are my own. #BigLittleWins

If somebody around these parts is referred to as a “good eater,” Daniel and I get pretty jealous because that’s a skill we wouldn’t mind being complimented on. Ha! I mean, I’m a pretty good eater these last 7 months. 🙂 Of course there are things Lila refuses to eat – like mashed potatoes (WHAT?) and certain spices. Oh, and I just discovered that she is definitely not a fan of key lime pie. (Another WHAT moment.)

Anyway, Lila has been incredibly active lately, so it’s important to have snacks around, especially tasty ones. Since Lila learned to talk, her primary request is “yogur” (Spanish for yogurt!). This past summer (yep, it’s over – *wimper*) we kept our refrigerator and travel bags stocked up with all kinds of Yoplait Yogurt. It works out really well because I’ve been incredibly snacky since, you know, growing two babies in my belly.

My parents actually got Lila hooked up Yoplait Smoothie Beverages. At first it was a little messy, but she has since learned to suck them down with a reusable straw, which works perfectly when we are rushing out the door.

Go-Gurt is easy to pack into her backpack for a trip to the park. Sometimes I throw one in my own purse, too. 😛

The original Core Cup is a great snack while Lila gets some screen time between meals, and sometimes, as a fun reward, she gets Yoplait Dunkers, which are obviously her favorite. It’s cute when she shares with me, but I try to save the Dunkers just for her. I am not above bribery when it comes to settling my child down, and Yoplait Dunkers always work. I consider that one of our Big Little Wins.

Dad busted us stuffing our faces.

Make sure to grab a variety of Yoplait Yogurt products at Walmart while doing your back to school shopping! Does your kiddo have a favorite way to eat yogurt?