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Have you heard of rewardStyle or Like to Know it? I remember applying to the program multiple times over the years and being rejected. I think because I have a family now, I was accepted (they have a family niche). Anyway, I thought I’d explain how I use the app/website in case you’ve noticed the widgets or links I include that lead to different items, either outfits (mine and Lila’s) or other items I’ve purchased and recommend.

By clicking the links within my blog or the links I share in my Instagram/Facebook posts, you can see the items I’ve recommended and discussed – and where to purchase them. Sometimes they go to Amazon (another affiliate program I am a part of), other times to store websites through my rewardStyle link. If you purchase an item, I receive a commission – usually not much. (This is just an explanation, I’m not asking you to purchase anything.)

((Here’s a bit of a tangent – when I shared sponsored posts, click help me get more work but very rarely earn me any extra money.))

In a recent post I did about a “quick” upstairs remodel, I shared links to the flooring Daniel purchased, as well as a swing, and rug we added. That’s an example of non-clothing items I’ve shared. Those aren’t quite as popular for my audience it seems, but I wanted to give it a shot.

A more popular example, is this outfit I posted on Instagram, and probably shared to Pinterest. Based on the data on my end, it looks like 3 people purchased the skirt, which earned me about $13 total.

In this blog post, and also within my Instagram stories, I talked about the nail polish stickers I’m currently loving. Someone purchased a pack that earned me about $5.

So far the work it takes to find each item online, save it accordingly, and then share it has not been worth the commission, but I figure if I keep at it, and post items that maybe of interest, it could be a pretty decent side income.

I only just started looking at the data, and within the last year, the items below have been the most popular. The first three have been purchased, the others just had significantly more clicks than everything else I’ve shared.

I woke up this morning itching to travel. It was the strongest case of wanderlust I have felt in a while. I definitely need to work on this part time job of mine (blogger/influencer) so that I can continue to save money for my kiddos and still enjoy travels with Daniel!

I believe the biggest struggle when sharing products is folks believing the sincerity behind the recommendations. “Influencer” income is still considered so new, and is often mocked. Fingers crossed that certain populations become more accepting. šŸ™‚



  1. I think influencer is viewed at the ultimate “they didn’t actually do anything to earn that money” sort of view. There are some problematic parts of the culture, lots of body image and food issues for sure (won’t go into that tangent, and that doesn’t really pertain to your platform anyways) It just makes me think of my Father saying that a friend of my sister had an easy job because he only worked an hour or so a week for a talk show. But we had to explain that he had to write up a script, practice a little bit, make a recipe to share, and it wasn’t really the only thing he was doing. I know I am terrible at social media. lol I am not becoming an influencer anytime soon.

    • You are 100% right! Sometimes I decline things because I know the amount of time it takes for everything to get done is not worth what theyā€™re offering. šŸ™ I feel too on the body issues…luckily Iā€™m not a twig, when when Iā€™m not preggo ?

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