Little Cayman – sort of a Babymoon

This was my third dive trip, and my third time at the Little Cayman Beach Resort. Back in 2017 I was getting my masters and taking care of baby Lila – and therefore did not blog about the trip. GASP!

I did post twice about my first trip there in 2015 – if you are interested in those: ( post one // post two ). Here is a shot of baby Lila in 2017, and a sweet underwater shot while D and I were diving.

This year’s trip was a tad different. Everything was already booked before I found out I was pregnant, so Lila and I still went on the trip, but we spent our days in the pool or in the sand. No scuba diving for me this year. 🙁 I did get to snorkel a couple times though, and we explored the waters in a different way!

I was happy to get to sunbathe on the top of the boat and snorkel while everyone else explored the ocean.
22 weeks (though I am currently at 25)

A typical day involved waking up between 6:30 and 6:45 in order to have breakfast with everyone. Afterwards all the divers would head out to the boat and we’d head back to our room to prepare for the beach or the pool. Lila and I typically saw a couple iguanas coming out to sunbathe, and one day we saw a giant crab.

Divers returned around lunch time and then left again for one more afternoon dive. Daniel decided to spend most of his afternoons studying, but on a couple occasions we took a kayak out after Lila’s (and sometimes our) naps.

We saw a starfish on our first (short 30 minute) kayak ride. I couldn’t get a decent photo above water (and forgot my under water cameras this trip – ugh!). Daniel guided us to a nearby island on the second kayak trek. The journey to the island was smooth, but coming back we had to fight some storm winds that made paddling incredibly difficult. Definitely an adventure! We were only slightly embarrassed when a few friends of ours on the resort grabbed an employee to come try and help us. Oops!

She did great in the kayak! My little Moana. 😛

Owen Island is a 20 minute kayak trip from our resort. The beach area was much cleaner – no seaweed, lots of hermit crabs and conches. Also very shallow, so Lila ran around a bit. I wish we had stayed longer, but the weather had other plans. :-O

We didn’t get rained on, but the current was tugging at us the whole way, and the water got pretty choppy!
Banana smoothie in leu of a daiquiri – LOL

After the final afternoon scuba dive, everyone returned around 4pm and hung out in the pool before getting ready for dinner. Lila and Daniel usually did the afternoon pool swim (first few photos) because I was usually wiped from spending mornings in the pool with Lila. 🙂

Dinner was typically the final “activity” of the day. Everyone (including us non-divers) are usually pretty wiped and in our rooms around 8pm. Even before Lila was born we only went out one night of the trip because we were always so tired!

Until next time, Little Cayman Beach Resort!



  1. It looks like it was a nice vacation (even with the meltdown you mentioned in insta stories) And that bathing suit looks super cute

    • It was! I debated discussing the meltdown again but really didn’t feel like it. LOL

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