Harvey-versary and a remodel

Daniel has been quickly trying to remodel his upstairs loft since it’s become a post-Harvey storage unit. (Here is what it looked like before it became a dusty cavern of yuckiness.)

I’m excited and anxious for it to be done! There are a lot of moving parts because once he’s done we are going to move Lila’s play area (currently between the kitchen and living room) upstairs. That area will become Daniel’s music space (which is currently in the front room), and then the front room will officially be the “library.”

That’s a lot of movement. Along with all that we need to get the boys’ dresser into their room once we get the cat box out. It’s a bit complicated because the cat box is currently housed in a cabinet meant to look like a normal piece of furniture and not a litter box. LOL

I just finished painting a ton and decided to take a blogging break and show off the coolness D has been working on. (The before was this area, but covered in bags of stuff we sort of salvaged from drawers but didn’t know what do with, boxes, baskets, layers of dust, and a bit of cat pee (thanks, Rory! ::side eye::)

Not pictured is the quarter round trim he added after.

He found some inexpensive vinyl “wood” tile that should do well with kids playing on it, I found a rug on sale from Joss & Main, and we also ordered a swing to hang off the rafter. Because that sounds super safe, right. :-O

Okay, break over. Time to get back to work!

EDIT// here are some shots of the almost finished product.

Don’t worry, we will be moving the trampoline away from the rail for safety reasons. Daniel crammed everything upstairs real quick last night. Once the rug arrives we shall properly situate everything.

There’s Happy’s cat box, Daniel’s music area is where all of those toys and play things were previously. The guitars still need to be hung.



    • thanks! i hadn’t thought about it but it’s perfect for a playroom!

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