West Texas Camping part 2

In May, we took another trip out west. These photos are from our hike in the Davis Mountains National Park, where I may have encouraged everyone to go off trail just to climb up to this lovely rock and take photos. It was pretty steep…Sandy probably wanted to kill me. ha!

I really enjoyed our stay in Fort Davis. The campsites were spread apart really well, and we were right under a tree, which provided such a cute little area for us. Daniel and Bo slept in a tent next to us girls, who got to stay in the RV. ๐Ÿ™‚ The hike to the bathroom was a little tedious (especially being pregnant and having to pee more frequently) but it was an adventure! I practically stumbled upon a javelina on my way back to camp one morning – and then very quickly stumbled away. ha!

Before heading to Fort Davis, Daniel took us to Stonehenge II in Ingram, Texas – which was on the way out of San Antonio, where we picked up Sandy and Bo. It was a cute little surprise! The weather wasn’t that great and it was too early for the gift shop(?) area to be open, but we had a nice quick stop.

Then Daniel drove the RV over to Balmorhea State Park. It’s a giant spring fed swimming pool, which meant it was a tad chilly, even for late May. Daniel’s been wanting to check it out for a few years now. Because they only allow a certain amount of people to enter per day, you have to get your passes ahead of time (they usually sell out in advance.) We spent about an hour in the water because a) it was cold and b) we were hungry.

We also visited Marfa, TX again – after 4 years! El Cosmico has changed a bit since our last visit. We stayed in Lil’ Pinky, but it looks like there’s two of them now. We strolled around downtown Marfa and grabbed a bite to eat. We were mainly just passing through on our way to Big Bend National Park. Daniel found a spot in an RV park rather than in Big Bend itself, so we were much closer to the other campers, which was a bit of a downside.

BUT Lila of course made fast friends with the family in the RV across from ours. And wouldn’t you know it, she grew attached to the 6 year old twins. They played the evening we arrived and the next morning before we left to find the Rio Grande. We swam for a bit, when a shepherd brought his herd of goats for a drink. It was pretty cool to watch!

Our last stop was Terlingua, TX where we stayed in an AirBNB in the ghost town. Our home was right behind the tastiest spot to eat – Espresso…Y Poco Mas. I mean it was basically the perfect location because later on we walked to the Starlight Saloon (also well known) and the Terlingua Trading Company, which was such a really cool store for some shopping. The boys bought beer there and there is seating on the porch for enjoying them on the spot.

Here is the itinerary Daniel made with links to most of these places.

I love planning vacations, but it is nice when Daniel takes the reins for these sorts of trips. He’s the “camping expert” in our family. I always request we find spots to park that offer WiFi, it can make booking a spot a bit trickier, but let’s us work and let’s me write up posts like these. ๐Ÿ™‚

My one tip for shared WiFi, especially at campgrounds, is definitely to use a vpn to connect. You never know who else is on the network, and usually these networks aren’t even password protected. Make sure to check this vpn reviewing site, ProPrivacy, to find one that works well for you and keeps you safe!

The trip was 4 days and 3 nights. 2 nights camping in two separate parks, and 1 night in the Terlingua AirBNB. The purpose of the trip was to celebrate our 6th wedding anniversary. ๐Ÿ™‚

The drive back felt much longer, but it was much more doable since we spent the night in San Antonio with Sandy and Bo before heading back home. I wouldn’t have minded staying in Terlingua one more night. That little town was cool, even if it was freakin’ hot. ha!



  1. haha I love that photo of Lila in the stroller. I feel like every family needs a grumpy toddler in a stroller photo lol This trip looked like a lot of fun, such beautiful scenery. It makes me want to go into a cabin sometime in the future.

    • Haha! Yes! All she wants to do is walk around but sometimes you just gotta latch then in and get stuff done. ?

    • a friend of mine went this week and it looked amazingly empty! work day is recommended over the saturday that we went!

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