Preggo Diaries – 21 weeks

Twin pregnancy update and professional family photos

Are you here for The Tender Nest photoshoot giveaway? Scroll to the bottom after the twin pregnancy update and professional family photos!

Working on: Growing this family has really gotten me in my head. I keep thinking that I need to do something different, or maybe I just need to work on my content all around the webs and try to get that going again. As I sit here with my legs elevated (the sore ankles are real already), I am working on applying to more campaigns and planning cutesy photos.

Twin pregnancy update and professional family photos

Anticipating: It’s July, so all educators are already dreading what is to come – a new school year! 😛 We are also headed to Little Cayman soon for what I will consider my “babymoon.” It’s actually a family trip but I can’t scuba dive this year (surprise!) so Lila and I will be hanging out by the pool or the seashore mostly. 🙂

Wearing: I mentioned in my last update that a few of my friends gave me their maternity attire. The tops and dresses are so nice – I’ve been so lucky. I am also in love with this dress I purchased from my Stitch Fix maternity box. (Did you know they have that??) Lila’s dress is also from a Stitch Fix Kids box. 🙂 The dress in these photos is from Amazon – under $30!

I’ve also continued to be obsessed with my Veatge jewelry. Her pieces looked gorgeous in our family photoshoot recently. My opal ring and Lila’s heart necklace, especially.

Twin pregnancy update and professional family photos

Listening to: Since my commute has lessened this summer, my audiobook consumption has lessened. Instead, I’ve been playing the Stranger Things 3 soundtrack, as well as an 80s/90s mix “station” based on what I usually listen to.

Twin pregnancy update and professional family photos

Eating: The cravings are going strong. I’ve mostly been obsessed with lemonade. But it can’t be the soda machine lemonade – blah. The “fresher” the better, but I’ll settle for Simply Lemonade in a pinch. York Peppermint Patties, Twizzlers, veggie trays, pizza, veggie subs, big salads, etc. I alternate between appearing healthy, and eating like a crazy preggo. ha!

Reading: I’ve been really into Sarah J. Maas’s multiple series lately. I love digging into a good book set. When I was pregnant with Lila I read loads of Cassandra Clare.

Court of Throne and Roses is where I started. Finished that series, then Throne of Glass is the series I am currently reading.

Twin pregnancy update and professional family photos

Watching: Have you watched Stranger Things 3?? Oh my….this season was great! Three different routes finally meeting in the end. It was great! And when they start singing the Neverending Story?? Ha! Daniel was so excited.

My go-to trashy show is Below Deck, and we recently got YouTube TV at home so now I can watch Below Deck Med. woohoo! 🙂

Twin pregnancy update and professional family photos

Motherhood: Lila will be three years old on October 21st. Her little threenager stage has started already, and it’s full of defiance and drama. She is still super lovey dovey, but oh man, those tantrums are rough.

This girl’s conversation and social skills are great. When we go to the park she asks kids what their names are, and is prepared with, “My name is Lila.” She immediately takes other kids’ hands, walks with them, and leads them to the slide, or the swings, or the seesaw.

She recently ended up in bed with me around 5am. I heard her gasp into my back a few hours later and say, “I thought you were a bear!” Some of the things that come out of her mouth are hilarious and surprising.

Another gem is when she contradicted Daniel, so I told her not to argue. She stopped and thought about it for a minute, and replies, “Arguing is fair!” Oh geez!

Twin pregnancy update and professional family photos

Pregnancy: Have I mentioned on the blog that we are expecting fraternal boys? I had my anatomy ultrasound on July 5th and definitely cried when the tech told us the genders. My sister said it was meant to be. No other daughter could compare to the unique individual that is Lila. ha!

I feel like my growth in the last 2-3 weeks has been quite significant. I probably should’ve been measuring my circumference. My size has hindered my ability to sleep comfortably…I need to flip from side to side often or my hips start to hurt. Sleeping in a reclined position is usually okay, but sometimes my butt hurts. Le sigh. One again, pregnancy prepping me for lack of sleep for a few weeks/months.

I can’t tell if I’m feeling movement yet. At the ultrasound I could’ve sworn one of the little dudes kicked the tech’s wand. Laying down is when most movement occurred with Lila. This is probably for the best considering that would be double the motion in there!

Something new: if I don’t eat regularly, I get dizzy! Once time I waited too long, another time I just didn’t notice until I felt dizzy. Definitely worth mentioning at my appointment next week! But I think it’s just a blood-sugar thing having to do with a growth spurt. I get full a lot faster as my stomach gets squished up, so I need to just adjust to eating multiple small meals.

I’ve been wearing compression socks pretty often because if I’m on my feet very long in unsupportive shoes (I love my Birks!) my ankles are throbbing at night.

Lastly, my stomach has been pretty itchy for the last few weeks, but it’s gotten really dry in the last week. I requested some recommendations and decided to try Bio Oil (twice/day) and Mederma (as needed) first.

Pregnancy sounds super fun, right?! 🙂

P.S. The super talented photographer of The Tender Nest is giving way a portrait session! Check out my Instagram post to enter!



  1. LS is so active I wonder if you will buck the stereotype that boys are more rambunctious than girls. lol And this coming from a person who is 95% sure that her son is a little more physical/active than other kids.

    The photos turned out beautiful! You look fabulous (and so does the hubs and daughter ^__~)

    I loved the newest season of Stranger Things but yeeessh, those kids are getting too old. The next season needs to just a year because those bowl cuts and shorts just looked a little sad on the male actors lol. I am SUPER ANGRY that i missed the sale of the Stranger Things romper from Target. I could of looked just as cool as L.

    • oh man, it’d be nice to be done with the rambunctious wild children! ha! I never even heard of a Stranger Things romper and am now kicking myself for THAT!

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