West Texas Camping part 1

west texas RV camping

In March, my friend Sara and I planned to go camping (with our fams) in West Texas. She lives in Midland, so we met up there and head out to Guadalupe Mountains National Park (Texas) and Bottomless Lakes National Park (New Mexico), with some time to explore Roswell!

guadalupe mountain national park
west texas RV camping

We stayed in Guadalupe National Park one night only – and thank goodness because they were evacuating the area before the next night because of high wind warnings of up to 120 miles per hour.

Speaking of high wind, Daniel drove the RV in 45 mph winds on the final day of our journey and dang, was that stressful. For him mostly – white knuckles clutching the wheel – but I kept kneeling between the front seats to check on him, watch the road, and the sand storms!

The weather was really nice. Chilly throughout the day, but once you were moving and the sun was out, sweaters and jackets came off. We saw a bit of wildlife, which was exciting. I was impressed by the guys climbing steep terrain and big boulders with toddlers attached to their backs.

west texas RV camping
west texas RV camping

Bottomless Lakes National Park was super windy and we didn’t find too many good hiking trails. We did one hike that started through some charred trees and then explored Roswell, NM the next day.

I didn’t do too much research other than trying to find anything super kitschy to visit. The only place worth visiting was the strip where the UFO museum is located. And the main reason I was so excited was because I was obsessed with the show Roswell growing up. 🙂

roswell, NM
roswell, NM

Looking at these pictures of us with coats on really makes me miss nicer weather….how are y’all feeling up north? 🙂


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  1. Hah! On the coats… I’m heading to Philly and the temps say 50’s-80’s, I’m like it was just a 108° I can’t comprehend this!!

    • I am jealous! I have no idea how any of my future travels are going to go. :-O

  2. Such a great trip ?? we must repeat it again next year since you’ll have soo much time on your hands!!
    PS that drive back through the dust storm was nuts!

    • Yes! I want to do it again. Fingers crossed for less wind. We are definitely going to become a camping family. ha!

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