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Stitch Fix Kids Box review of quality and prices for toddlers

Lila received her first Stitch Fix Kids box the other day and we were both so excited! We usually buy her clothes at Target or online, and I decided I wanted a few nicer things for her wardrobe. Stitch Fix Kids was the best option for a little surprise upgrade.

My favorite characteristic of each article of clothing was the coziness of the material. The tees were soft, the shorts were thick, and the dresses were flowy. Lila’s absolute favorite was what she called the “princess dress” (shhh…don’t tell Daniel) because it had a tulle skirt.

We also kept the blue tank top because it is a perfect neutral addition to her wardrobe. I rarely think to buy “plain” tees for Lila, so I snagged this top because it’s a solid color but also has such a cute design in the back.

Stitch Fix Kids Box review of quality and prices for toddlers
The shoes are adorable and look comfy! Too bad Lila went up a size!

The price points vary, but I left them pretty mid-range because I wanted to add a couple nicer items into Lila’s wardrobe. I had been pretty happy with my own Stitch Fix boxes so I knew ordering Lila a fix would be awesome!

I went ahead and ordered one more to see about finding a specific type of dress for a photoshoot we have coming up with Tender Nest Portraits. EEEE! 🙂



  1. So cute! I am trying to get Wolfie into picking out clothes. I don’t need him to be a fashionista, but I don’t want him to be so helpless when he gets older (like his father who asks me over and over again if things look right lol) He usually just wants the characters he likes the most, but he did pick out a gold jacket from Target.

    • a gold jacket? that’s awesome! Lila loves frilly dresses, which aggravates her dad when she calls herself a princess, but what can you do. 🙂 so far she hasn’t seemed super interested in character clothes, but i’m sure the princess obsession will continue in that regard. ha!

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