Preggo Diaries – week 17

Seventeen (17) weeks pregnant with twins - second pregnancy

I am currently seventeen (17) weeks pregnant with twins and it feels like I have been pregnant for much longer than that. No, literally. I feel about 6 months pregnant – and look it! Considering I started wearing maternity clothes at 10 weeks it makes sense, I guess. Plus I read that twin pregnancies run about 2 months ahead of “singleton” pregnancies – size wise. It makes me pretty nervous about how much bigger I will get. Do you see a theme in this pregnancy? ha!

I have been pretty lucky to “inherit” some friends’ maternity clothes. I didn’t have pants with Lila’s pregnancy because I didn’t need them since I worked from home at the time. I also didn’t want to be stuck wearing sneakers for comfort this early on. I read such great things these Steve Madden sandals (below) that I was super excited to find them discounted! Looking nice makes me feel like less of a ginormous mess. 🙂

Seventeen (17) weeks pregnant with twins - second pregnancy
My new shoesies! Super comfy – I walked (AKA followed Lila) all around the Fort Bend Discovery Center in them.

I was reading through my week 14 update from my last pregnancy to see what all similarities there have been. The first trimester headaches have run into the second trimester this time around. I feel like that has more to do with hydration because of the toll that two babies have been taking on me. For example, if I work out in the morning, before having loads of water, my head hurts for the rest of the day. Evening workouts have gone over best! I’m also a lot more sensitive to stress, apparently.

Seventeen (17) weeks pregnant with twins - second pregnancy
Are you even pregnant if you aren’t holding up your belly? haha!

Speaking of exercise, Crossfit Caveman is the best. Lila usually joins me, and the coaches help me modify everything based on my comfort/safety level. I went from working out 4-5 times a week to 2-3 times a week, depending on how tired I am or the intensity of my headache.

Seventeen (17) weeks pregnant with twins - second pregnancy
Before you freak out: I modified this work out. I went up once per round vs three times, and didn’t go very high. Thanks!

Sometimes I am just too sleepy. Fatigue relief doesn’t seem to be a thing with twins either. I read that it definitely gets better, but if I overexert myself (stay busy for 5-6 hours) I basically just fade out by the evening. Oh, and if you see me in public, you will probably also catch me scratching my stretched out belly. It’s so itchy! I’ve been applying oils and lotions.

Seventeen (17) weeks pregnant with twins - second pregnancy

3AM tossing, turning, and getting up to pee is a nightly occurrence. If I try to put it off, I get uncomfortable and my stomach hurts for a while after I get up to pee. That’s definitely different! Oh, and if I sit up without using my arms to assist me, I sometimes experience a sharp tingling sensation in my abdomen. I read that it’s normal, but it still worries me because I really don’t want my abdomen to split.

Seventeen (17) weeks pregnant with twins - second pregnancy

Daniel has been the best. When I am too tired or my head wants to bust open, he takes Lila and makes us food and begrudgingly scratches my back or rubs my neck (I make this request often). LOL My parents have also taken Lila for a few hours and my mom makes us yummy food! I’m thankful for all of the help because it’s still so early and, though I am usually A-OK, not every day is perfect!



  1. “not every day is perfect” ain’t that the truth…glad y’all are getting support, in particular YOU ❣️

    • Thanks! It was good to see you! Friends that stay in touch are important, especially bc I suck at it. ?

  2. You look great – but I still can’t believe you’re about to have THREE kiddos! <3

    • I can’t either!! I don’t feel like that kind of person ?

  3. I rarely think OMG THAT WOMAN IS PREGNANT AND DOING SOMETHING DANGEROUS! mostly because I think most women are able to judge what their bodies can handle. I think the only time i felt that way was watching a video of a woman lifting over 100lb and you could see she wasn’t lifting properly because she had to move the bar around her large belly.

    And yes! Glad you are aware of the abdominal separation issue. It is a big issue that is largely ignored as cosmetic by the medical field. It totally isn’t! If someone at your gym doesn’t know how to check if you abs have separated post baby, instagram message me, I’ll send a screen cap of my book that shows how to check. Because there is a pretty good chance it will separate, but many women don’t know about it, and push their bodies before it fully heals.

    • I don’t think I could do a rope climb now, just two weeks after the photo was taken. My belly is so much larger! LOL
      Yes, an separation is one of my biggest fears with having two. Because it’s a c section I probably won’t attempt to work out for 2-3 months. It took a long time to heal from the first! Any advice about DR would be great!

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