music education for Lila

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I feel like everyone already knows how big a role music plays in our household. Daniel is dedicated to a music club he runs at his high school, has played the piano since he was a child, and has been learning new pieces on the guitar as well. My background is in classical voice and choir, but I have been out of practice for years. Lila has actually motivated me to start singing again and keep my voice active. It’s a lot of fun and she’s getting to the point where she knows multiple lyrics of popular songs or full nursery rhyme songs that we can sing together in the car or at home.


Pretty often, Lila will wander off to the “music room” and seat herself at the piano. She used to bang on the keys and laugh, but now she seems to put more thought into the sounds. I love how curious and interested she is, and I want to cultivate her passion in music – whether it’s playing the piano or singing – or both!


One of my deepest regrets is not learning to play an instrument as a child. I remember being secretly interested in taking violin lessons in elementary school. How I wish I had made my interests known! Learning to play an instrument would have made reading music much easier once I was in high school, but I think it also stimulates a different part of the brain. I did take voice lessons, which was incredibly helpful in growing as a singer. Even Daniel has expressed an interest in expanding his music education in that regard.


I plan to enroll Lila in piano lessons first, based on her expressed interest. Other important traits these lessons will instill include a strong work ethic, discipline, and time management.
We have chosen Guitar Center music lessons because they

  • tailor each curriculum to the student’s goals, and even handpick an instructor specifically for that student.
  • offer lessons on any instrument
  • have a tiered achievement program
  • and are all around convenient when it comes to location.



Daniel visits Guitar Center pretty often, and their studios are located right inside. Lila and I will often accompany Daniel because there is usually “live music.” No, there isn’t a band playing, but people often test out instruments and play such fun or beautiful melodies, Lila often stops to watch and dance. She might want to play the drums later in life if her awe-struck stares are any indication.



If you or anyone you know is interested in instrument or voice lessons, consider gifting them for the holidays. Guitar Center is offering a special: buy 3 lessons and the 4th lesson is free (November 23rd-December 26th, 2018). Find your nearest location here.