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I have been eyeballing a lot of sales! Here are some items I’ve purchased or want to purchase for myself and others this holiday season. The links I’ve included are affiliate links, which means I’d get a small percentage of a sale. Thanks!

Holiday family plus pet gift guide:



A friend of mine sells some of my favorite jewelry. I’ve posted about her shop before and am still so in love! Veatge has modern items, dainty items – a little something for everyone. I stopped by an outdoor market to catch up on her new goodies and I ended up snagging a couple items for myself.

holiday family and pet gift guide

Veatge is having a Black Friday sale so take advantage! It ends Monday! Follow her Instagram to see where she will be next. I love checking out the pieces on sale at shows.


I’ve been wearing this dress like crazy and it’s selling out fast because of Black Friday. Use code BLKFRIDAY to get it 50% off. It’s super cozy and I’ve received a lot of compliments when I wear it. I attempted to order it again in “vamp red” but it may have sold out. Fingers crossed they’re still in stock because I ordered a couple as Christmas gifts!

holiday family and pet gift guide


I just bought my new planner and am SO EXCITED. This will be my third custom planner with pictures of Lila all over. I always get so many comments on the photos. This is one of my favorite traditions that started with the one below that I received as a Christmas gift!



Imagine Ink coloring books (like this Moana one) have been all the rage in Lila’s little life. It’s been the absolute best for traveling, and they are almost everywhere. We’ve gone through about 4 of them in the last month. Obviously a bit overpriced at airports, but pretty decent online and in grocery stores.


A friend of mine introduced me to a similar product, Water Wow – except the pens are refillable. This sounds way better because my main gripe with Imagine Ink is that Lila dries the marker out before she’s even done with the book. I just ordered some and will be updating once we get them in.


Daniel was really excited about these blocks when we saw them in a Washington toy store. Lila already has a box ready for Christmas morning! The travel set is perfect and I think that will be my next purchase…



I’ve been obsessing over long coats for a while. This one is perfection. While there is a fifty percent off Black Friday Sale going on, it’s definitely a bit of a splurge…but oh so beautiful.


These next two aren’t necessarily for men, but I found this hiking carrier gently used on Facebook Marketplace and we already have one or two trips planned for it. Daniel has been wanting to take Lila camping forever! So it will totally be more doable now that we Daniel can carry her more comfortably. 🙂


Smartwatches overwhelm me, so I’m still down with the Fitbit lifestyle, although mine busted a couple years ago and I haven’t replaced it yet. This one has caught my eye because of a recommendation on one of my favorite podcasts.



Osa is a big fan of these bones. Once the filling is mostly out (Sam was the master of completely cleaning them out) we just slather some more peanutbutter in. Freezing is optional.


I have a collaboration with Your Cat Backpack coming up and am so dorkily excited. I don’t get any commission or anything, I just think they’d make a great gift for any cat lovers in your life! Indoor cats can explore the great outdoors with you!

What do you want Santa to bring you?




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