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Working on: NOT WORKING ON HOMEWORK. I’ve posted enough that I have completed my masters program! It’s been amazing having my evenings back. They’re filled with meal prep and Lila (and working out again yay!), but now I can lay down with a good book when all is said and done. WHAT WHAT. I actually do hope to work on my blog more now that I have the time. After spending hours on my laptop doing homework I have relished the days that I don’t have to open my computer up at all.



Anticipating: I don’t know why I haven’t changed the title of this section. Let’s call it “Traveling” because I always mention an upcoming trip. Ha! As much of a homebody as I am, I love leaving Houston. We had a family reunion of sorts in the Domincan Republic this summer (I swear I plan to recap summer trips!), but my grandparents aren’t quite as spry as they were on our last trip, so they weren’t able to make it. It’s okay! I’m off to see them at the end of September. We’ve also been planning an amazing trip to the Pacific Northwest for Daniel and Lila’s birthday – as well as my graduation. All of the celebrations!!


Wearing: Oh hey, look who is making an effort! Okay, don’t get too excited, I don’t wear too many cutesy dresses anymore, but skirts, tees, and cardigans are totally my jam now, and ModCloth is definitely giving off the bookworm vibe lately. A friend of mine joked that I became a librarian for the tshirts. Ha!


I ordered this cardigan in black as well because it’s so soft and versatile.


On the weekends I’m totally digging these joggers from Frankie and Fe. They’re so comfortable and trendy – and since Texas is still experiencing summer time temps, the built in ventilation helps. 🙂 Daniel calls them my holy pants. ha! But seriously, the prices are amazing. Check out their shop!



Techie toys: Because I’ve been trying to get back into a healthier lifestyle, I’ve been wearing my Ringly again. Primarily to track my steps, but the text alerts are pretty helpful. I’ve been considering biting the bullet on an Apple watch. Thoughts?

My newest toy is actually the cariPRO electric toothbrush! It has a few different vibration settings, like whitening, massage, and sensitive, and holds a charge for a long time. I usually keep it on “whitening” to help with my mouth goals. ha! I instinctively reached for my former regular ol’ toothbrush the other day and it just was not as satisfying (my first thought was “ugh, these bristles are too soft!”). The bristles combined with the vibrations do such a great job of cleaning my teeth and between my gums. It feels great against my tongue. If you want to make the switch over to electric, use grrfeisty20 for 20% off!

**Be sure to enter the giveaway to win your own cariPRO electric toothbrush!


Eating: I started Weight Watchers three weeks ago and have been doing pretty well. I have lost 7-8 pounds and finally made it under my pre-pregnancy weight. While my short term goal is to lose ten pounds in total, comparing the fit of my clothing is more important at the moment since I started Crossfit back this summer.



Baked falafel have been my go-to, especially for adding into a burrito (AKA wrap). Flat outs have been my “bread” of choice. I recently made a 0 point vegetable soup that was pretty good! And different breakfast options. Fruits and veggies are worth 0 points and I have never in my life eaten so much fruit! 🙂 Here is my Weight Watchers Pinterest board for anyone interested in recipes I have tried or have been interested in.



Reading: Wow, since the last update I have read quite a few books. Some in my hands, and some audio books through Hoopla. I just finished Jeff Zentner’s newest book (comes out Feb 2019 whaaaat) and it was SO GOOD. Rayne and Delilah’s Midnite Matinee. The two main characters have the best banter. And the teenage love story is just adorable. Zentner’s known for his heart wrenching plot lines, but this one was a lot tamer – thank goodness! I bawled over several parts in The Serpent King and Goodbye Days. Good sobs, but still. It was nice to laugh out loud while I read Rayne and Delilah.

Here’s what I’ve read so far since the last update. I keep a list in Goodreads but like to review my blog for previous reads. I’ve bolded my favorites and italicized an incredibly brief description…I’ll be honest, some series I got into because I really liked the narrator on the audiobook and looked up more books that they did. Weird, right?



Listening to: Podcasts! I used to follow Young House Love – I mean I have an autographed copy of their first book! But somehow I lost track of them and only recently discovered they have a podcast! So now I’m totally into their podcast and am playing catch up. It’s loaded with home decorating tips and DIY. Thanks to a rec from them I also caught the miniseries podcast from LA Times called Dirty John.


Watching: Thanks to my latest podcast obsession, I’ve been watching a lot more HGTV. I haven’t actually done any DIY, but I’ve generated ideas and sent myself little reminder emails about ideas the podcast or TV shows have given me.

Other than that, I watch a lot of movies with Lila on Friday nights. Like Trolls, Sing, or Moana, which is perfectly fine by me. 🙂 We love the music.


Motherhood: Boy do I owe an update. Lila is currently 22 months and a TRIP. Her personality is so fun, but it is quite obvious that she is approaching the “terrible twos.” I feel like I’ve heard people mention that it really starts at 18 months…because it did for us. She is an expert at making her body go limp. I don’t even try to fight it. I lay her down and she gets herself back up. Typically these outbursts tend to occur if a nap is on the horizon. (At least she’s pretty easy to read, right?) When the whining gets thick, I tell her to “use her words,” which rarely helps matters.



Lila does a pretty good job communicating (whether she’s using her words or not – ha!). And her absolute favorite activity right now is “animal cards.” We purchased a $1 pack of exotic animal flash cards from Target while visiting my sister in July. She knew a couple of the animals (lion, monkey, etc) but has been gradually memorizing more (bison was one of the first??) and knows animals like capybara and meerkat. It was really fun when we took her to the zoo after she memorized so many cards! We don’t even force it. It’s just a great way to kill time while we wait for dinner. She loves being quizzed. #nerd



She can sing most of the alphabet and can almost count to twenty (in Spanish). My mother-in-law, who taught kindergarten, said her three word sentences are very impressive at this age. She sounds smart, eh? Yet after installing her toddler rail, she still tries to climb over the bars of her crib. Ha!

LS continues to be extremely loving, offering hugs to many a child…and half the time they run away. I get a little sad inside when a kid rejects her, but I know she’s too young to notice or care yet. Although, I hear she is a toy thief – which is frustrating. We are working on sharing and avoiding the word “mine” because it’s been a favorite lately. She is not a perfect child, so we are always trying to teach her to do the right thing… 🙂 Here come the terrible twos!!


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  1. Can’t wait to hear more about that PNW trip, and in the fall to boot ?

  2. It’s funny you mention the terrible twos because I hear a lot of parents say that the 12-24 month range is worse, in many ways because kids get frustrated because they can’t talk. But I guess it is dependent on the kids personality. I know my kid is throwing SOOOO many temper-tantrums, and kind-of always has. It is now reaching “maybe I should read a book….” territory. XD

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