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This post is in collaboration with Four Seasons Hotel Houston. All opinions are my own.

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Staycations are so cool! Some time away from home always feels like a vacation, and I absolutely love a good hotel bed. Can you tell that Lila does, too? 🙂 If you’ve been keeping up on Instagram or Twitter, you know that I’m in my last semester of graduate school so any and all vacations are welcome with open arms. ha!


Investigating every nook and cranny!



When my family and I were invited to hang out at the Four Seasons Hotel Houston recently, one of my main concerns was animal care. Guess who was able to come along!? I was really surprised because it seems like hotels tend to prefer small dogs. Osa had a blast! She was on her best behavior and received some nice goodies from the Four Seasons staff.


Osa drooling over the homemade chips and salsa for Daniel and I. 🙂


We all got some sweet surprises! I was pretty jealous of Lila’s spread: a super awesome chair and a personalized cookie. But Osa’s squeaker toy and food/water dishes was such a thoughtful touch. The chips and salsa were pretty amazing. I even took the leftover salsa home with me to eat with more chips. It was that good. And then of course, it was off to the pool!



We had a pretty relaxing time by the water. The wait staff was incredibly attentive and there were very nice hotel guests in the area as well. Lila and I played with an enormous set of connect four, plus on the weekends there are movies and other events for kiddos around the pool.

Four Seasons Hotel Houston currently has a really nice Summer Splash Package where families that book can either try out the Top Golf Suite or use $50 on the Pool Deck for food and drinks.



The hotel was walking distance from a couple really fun shopping centers and venues downtown, too. Daniel took Osa to Discovery Green to play a bit, and then we went over to Greenstreet to check out the color wall I have seen on a bunch fo social media accounts lately.



Daniel and Lila are looking more and more alike every day. Especially that hair! So many cute blonde curls. I couldn’t resist snapping photos of them our whole trip.



We ended the evening by checking out the Top Golf Suite. I will openly admit that I am terrible at golf. But we had the whole room to ourselves with three little love seats and a very helpful waitress. It would be so much fun to hang out with a few friends one night. Daniel totally loved it – even more than I thought he would. The waitress pulled out the children’s clubs after she noticed that Lila was very interested in playing (surprise, surprise!). 🙂



During checkout, one of the staff members came over because he saw Lila flipping through the literature in the lounging area. He was so sweet and turned the pages as she “requested,” naming each animal. It was hilarious when he tried to leave and she called him back and patted the couch. ha!



All in all we had a great stay. Breakfast was delicious, and I definitely lounged in the bed watching the ginormous TV screen a bit – my absolute favorite part of hotel life. One of the sweetest people was Mr. Douglas Rodriguez, who greeted us by name every time we entered and exited. Of course giving Lila a little stuffed animal also left an impression on us. 🙂


Be sure to check out the Four Seasons Hotel Summer Splash Package for more details!





  1. She patted the couch for him to sit again!?! Adorable ?

  2. This looks like so much fun – & I love the idea of taking a hotel staycation right in your own city. Cleveland has some awesome hotels I’ve always wanted to try, so maybe I need to do this, too. 😉

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