pink drinks and seashell dreams

This is a sponsored post in partnership with The Motherhood; samples of wine were provided by Oliver Winery.


A month or so before our trip to Isla Mujeres I was obsessed with planning activities. I couldn’t decide on day trips on a boat, snorkeling, swimming with dolphins, a water park…such a small island had so many options – I was definitely overwhelmed! Finally, a couple weeks before our flight, my sister said that “lounging might be fun.” What a revelation! Ha! We were only there for about 3 days, why not just wing it? So that we did.

We arrived around noon and finally made it to the Seashell House a little after 2pm. Famished and sweating from a full day of travel already (car, plane, van, ferry, golf cart), we ordered food from a local restaurant and jumped into the water.

Refreshments were in order and I brought along a bottle of Oliver Winery’s Cherry Cobbler Wine. Served chilled, it was the perfect adult beverage for lounging by an amazing pool on a hot summer day. Cherry Cobbler is only available for a limited time (kind of like those pumpkin spice lattés) during the summer season and will probably sell out by Independence Day, so if you are intrigued at all, grab a bottle soon. 🙂


Apparently Cherry Cobbler Day was May 17th, but I feel like every summer day is #cherrycobblerday.


And not that the packaging has anything to do with the fun and fruity flavor, but I love a sleek bottle with a cute label.



It felt great to get away for a few days, between work and school. The timing was perfect since my last semester just started and I will need to focus for my exams next week. The days are hot and the homework assignments are long, but I still have a bottle of Cherry Cobbler to indulge in after my finals are over. 🙂 Now to find a pool…


If you are fond of baked cherry cobblers and a hint of vanilla, I definitely recommend a refreshing sip of Cherry Cobbler Wine this summer. And also a pool. Preferably in front of a Seashell House. ha!




  1. I love how on the website they suggest freezing the wine and serving it with ice cream. Your photos look amazing BTW

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