peachy keen


A couple weeks ago we visited my sister and her husband in San Antonio. Bo happened to buy some confetti eggs, and we had some random fun in the backyard, although Lila was not quite as amused as we were – see below. 🙂

Sandy finished up my very first (and hopefully last??) root canal. It’s strange, but I feel silly with a metal tooth in my mouth. I wish I had taken better care of my teeth when I was younger! Definitely could have avoided the procedure.

In my last post from the same visit I shared some of the really cool places we went. Be sure to check it out if you are going to San Antonio anytime soon!

Thanks to Sandy and Bo for a great quick trip, and for letting us bring Osita. She doesn’t get to travel quite as much as Sam and Buster did growing up, so it’s nice when we she can join us.



If you haven’t visited PinkBlush lately I highly recommend doing so. There are some really cool summer tops and dresses available with a lot more detail work! Like this peach top and my gray one linked earlier. The high low is really unique for a top, too.

And 20% off sale going on now!



Peachy keen, jelly bean!