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The Little Gym toddler class review


One of my absolute favorite things to do with Lila Sophia (other than snuggling) is watching her interact with her surroundings. It’s like watching her brain grow the way she focuses on something to try and understand it. Playing with her at The Little Gym was so much fun. From attack-hugging other children to “accidentally” rolling off a cushion and shouting, “uh oh!” she is the best kind of entertainment.



When we were given the opportunity to try a free class at The Little Gym, I was beyond excited. I knew LS would have a blast! Upon entering you can see the play area. It’s huge! There are mats, wedges, balls, beams, and so much more. The gym was clean, spacious, and bright. Lila kept shouting “oooooh!” and pointing. The staff was also incredibly friendly and sweet – they even entertained Lila in the waiting area until other kiddos arrived (and then it was tackle hug time!).

The class did not disappoint. Ms. Birdy and Instructor Alex were alternating classes that day. I was so impressed by how quickly they memorize names. It really made the experience more personable.

The class alternates between group activities and exploration. The kids loved it and rotation seemed to keep their attention. I’m such a nerdy rule-follower. When Lila started to pull away during welcome song, I felt like she was being rude to the instructors, but independence is encouraged! So even though there was structure, she was free to go explore her surroundings and return to the group as she liked. I shouldn’t have been too surprised when she came back often – social butterfly like her dad!


The Little Gym’s Three-Dimensional Learning Philosophy:

  • Physical activities help children burn energy, build strength, work on flexibility, balance, coordination, and encourage a lifetime of healthy habits.
  • The exercises and classes incorporate listening skills, problem-solving, and other activities that develop the mind.
  • The Little Gym classes are great to get kids working together and sharing. These are life long skills – start early. 🙂

I observed each of these points in great depth while watching Lila. When she paused, you could almost see the gears turning in her brain. Developing cooperation and sharing skills is a huge plus for me. That’s why I will always encourage Lila to be social, even if I am not always the best example in that regard. ha!



Along with the gym classes, there’s dance, gymnastics, and more. The facility is also available for parties and they run a camp over the summer.

If you’ve never taken your child to The Little Gym I highly recommend it! They are located in 29 different countries and serve ages 4 months to 12 years old. Look up the closest one to you. 🙂




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  1. “It’s like watching her brain grow the way she focuses on something to try and understand it”
    YES! I think this is my favorite thing about watching my kiddo. Watching those little baby wheels turn in their head. LS has such cute hair! Baby curls are always so adorable.

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