quick trip to San Antonio


We had a quick trip to San Antonio at the start of Spring Break. My sister was kind enough to do a bit of dental work on me. Although I think she’ll do anything for a chance to hang out with LS. ha! Afterwards we had a couple drinks at a fun bar called Friendly Spot and walked over to Rosario’s for a delicious Tex-Mex dinner. I’ve never been to the King William area in San Antonio and it was very walkable. I especially enjoy walking from place to place when parking is so tedious. 🙂

On the walk back we stopped to get ice cream at The House. I was in line ordering when all of a sudden one of the employees was holding Lila behind the counter. The little sneak! Daniel was watching her and let her run over there. They were really cool and let her play on the iPad. Once the ice cream was served she was all about mama again. Just before we left she ended up behind the counter again, rearranged the chairs a little, and as people began walking in, we wrapped things up.



This is what I wore to the dentist and Daniel asked why I was dressing up! I have been wearing jeans more often, which is weird because “before Lila” (I have my life before and after LS. That’s normal right??) I hated wearing denim. Why is that? No clue.

Anywho, I like wearing jeans now, and pairing it with a cute top feels very versatile! I’ve been wearing a lot of PinkBlush and this is one of my favorites so far! I love this shade of gray, as well as the lacey details! (last photo)


This little flirt was making eyes at a boy.


I am so obsessed with my Lila Sophia rings. Does that mean I am obsessed with my daughter? 🙂


Though it was a quick trip and the rest of Spring Break was filled with LS and house things, I am so glad we were able to visit Sandy for a minute. Did anyone do anything fun over Spring Break?




  1. The pity of not being in school and not having kids… Just a week of going work with better traffic ?

    • haha! better traffic is always a plus, regardless of the lifestyle. 😀

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