Arlington, TX Getaway

Arlington, TX Getaway


This past weekend we took a family trip to Arlington, Texas. We planned most of our activities around the visitor’s guide, which included fun things in the surrounding areas, too! The drive was pretty smooth, and as soon as we arrived we stopped into a Vietnamese market to pick up some food to eat at…a brewery! You know when we roadtrip we like to find the best breweries. It’s basically tradition. On the way, we drove by this amazing DREAM installation near UT Arlington. It was a fun little photoshoot with music playing in the background thanks to a festival that was setting up. The band that was rehearsing at the time was really fun and Lila definitely took a few dance breaks.


Arlington, TX Getaway


The first brewery we visited was Legal Draft and it was pretty busy. A.J. Legrand was performing and we really enjoyed hanging out to their tunes (and of course Lila danced, too). We didn’t partake in the crawfish, but there were big tables set up for eating, dogs all around, and children having fun. My absolute favorite pour was a called Chief Justice Stout made with Avoca coffee. It was delicious and tasted just like cafe con leche! Daniel immediately went to investigate how to get some back to Houston, but alas, it was impossible.



Afterwards we visited Division Brewing, which was a 5 minute drive away. We could have walked, but it was a pretty warm day! Division was much more relaxed. Legal Draft was brewery-tour style (glass + tokens), whereas Division was pay as you go. It was busy, but not crowded or loud, so Lila napped in the stroller as Daniel and I caught up on life…which mostly involves talking about what needs to get done at the house and where we want to travel next. 🙂



We met up with Daniel’s family for dinner that night for Mediterranean. I was pretty surprised at the wide range of cuisine available to us in Arlington. And it was so good! There are definitley some hidden gems. Then we strolled down the street in search of dessert. The line at a new ice cream parlor was so long that we decided on pastries instead. Lila was half asleep by then so the fam walked me to the AirBNB about a block away. I wish we had stayed longer than one night! It was small, but so cozy and vintage. The bed was soft and the tub was beautiful – Lila insisted on a bath. 🙂


I’m so grateful for these types of mini-vacations that end up jam packed full of fun. And it was especially awesome that Daniel’s family could drive up and meet us, too! On Sunday morning we walked half a block to Avoca Coffee Roasters, which was very exciting since their beer collab with Legal Draft was so crazy good. The coffee did not disappoint!

[[ Check out the Arlington Visitor’s Guide to explore the places I’ve bolded above! ]]


The only place we missed out on was Six Flags. I haven’t been in so long! Next time… 🙂

Have you been in the area? What are your favorite activities?




  1. Wow! I think page makes me want to go! I have my strong prejudice against Texas lol But who am I to judge? I think New Jersey has just as many haters as Texas does. I think I would love spending a day bouncing between those two breweries. They sound heavenly.

  2. beautiful I love traveling with family and making memories thanks for sharing yours

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