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Working on: Oh, man. I signed up for my school librarian exam. It’s becoming real! I take my exam in April, my end of program exam in June, and I will take my last 3 classes over the summer. I cannot WAIT to be done! Work, home, and free.

Also, the B I thought I was going to make last semester turned into an A. What, what! It only took me a 12 years to buckle down.

I am halfway moved back home. Daniel has been staying there but I want to clean the dust out of Lila’s room a bit more before letting her sleep over there. This upcoming weekend is the goal anyway. 🙂


Anticipating: Obviously moving home is on my mind, but I am consumed with thoughts about squeezing some study time in before my librarian exam. Thank goodness for Spring Break and another work trip. I have a lot more homework this semester, but they are more time consuming than difficult.

I haven’t been to a blog conference since I found out I was pregnant. And guess what? I will be attending the same one – Thrive – this upcoming Saturday! It will be a short trip because my mom and I have tickets to Dancing with the Stars that same night.



Wearing: Earlier this month I was in Austin, TX for a work conference. It was rough leaving Lila Sophia and I was pretty introverted and mopey the first day. I attended the different sessions and then met up with a friend at one of my favorite restaurants. Afterwards I made plans to visit Modcloth’s brick and mortar the following day. After meeting up with co-workers/friends the next morning to eat and hit up the conference, I made my way around downtown on my lunch break and happened to visit Modcloth during a really big sale. It was amaaaaazzzing. So I’ve been wearing a good mix of LOFT and Modcloth.



Eating: This section always turns into me reflecting on my weight. Blame the Girl Scouts! Ha! I was back to my pre-pregnancy weight right before the floods. Since then, I’ve gained about 7-8 pounds which, on someone just under 5′, is a lot. If you have read this blog long enough you’ll remember a few years ago Daniel and I did the REVOLT diet before we got married. I plan to start that back up once I move home. I really liked the food and it didn’t feel so much like a diet as meal planning.

I signed up for some introductory kickboxing classes (Tae Bo was a favorite workout of mine years ago), and have my eyes set on a treadmill after my 3 nights of jogging on one in Austin. It was a huge relief and release.

On the positive side, I’ve been really impressed by my complexion. I finally saw a dermatologist, who prescribed a cream for my melasma. I haven’t seen much progress on that end, but it’s only been a couple months. I’ve been using my Rodan and Fields Reverse Brightening kit, which has definitely impacted my acne. I looooove it!

It’s time to get my old self back.


Reading: Speaking of the old me, in 5th grade I read A Wrinkle in Time. I think I re-read it in college, but that was long enough ago that I can’t remember. So I’m reading it again now because the movie is coming out and I also know it will become popular at my library. One of my students already read it on my recommendation and enjoyed it. That was fun to hear.

  • The Last Anniversary was an interesting book. I could have stopped reading it a couple times, but the storyline became intriguing enough that I wanted to finish it.
  • I finally picked up The Lightning Thief because I caught the movie on TV and a couple classfulls of students were going nuts over Riordan.
  • Wishful Drinking was a great book. It was a quick read, comical, and made me wish I had researched Carrie Fisher a bit before she passed away. I listened to that one, and she narrated, which made it more entertaining!
  • The Woman in Cabin 10 was so much different than what I expected. It was good, but had some really sloowwww parts. Are her other books worth reading?
  • My co-worker/friend bought me Ugly at the last book fair. I finally got to reading it. It was a quick and really interesting book about Robert Hoge and growing up with a tumor in the center of his face and disfigured legs. Not as dramatic and sad as Wonder – much more straightforward and factual.
  • I am currently reading Oprah’s book club pick because it was available as an audiobook: An American Marriage. I was really nervous listening to it on the way to work because I thought I’d get emotional. Luckily the author doesn’t dig deep into the more upsetting details within the storyline. The writing is beautiful.


Watching: The Olympics! My afternoon/evening routine has been playing with Lila, eating dinner, feeding Lila, running around with her, then relaxing on the couch with the Olympics as she falls asleep on my chest. I loved the half pipe snowboarding and Shaun White’s win was really exciting. The downhill skiing was awesome to watch, and so was the ice dancing. Of course the commentary was really fun, too.

Ok, I’ll be honest, I have been watching a bit of my guilty pleasures on E! – KUWTK and Revenge Body. I’m not so ashamed of watching Revenge Body, but the other one…barf on myself. haha

The new season of Impractical Jokers is seriously awesome. If you don’t watch the show yet – DO IT.



Motherhood: Wow, where to begin? Lila Sophia (16 months) is picking up so much, so fast. I am referring to her mental capabilities, but she’s also picking up germs left and right. Le sigh!

  • Anyway, Lila is pretty good at communicating by combining signs and single worlds. She’s obsessed with the word owl and points and identifies every owl in every book we read.
  • She also really enjoys saying “no” in appropriate situations. It is amazingly adorable and I am still not sick of it, but I am trying to say “no” less frequently and it’s definitely hard.
  • Lila’s first tooth finally came in last month! And then the rest of her teeth thought they were invited to the party. The poor babe has 5-6 teeth coming in all at once. She’s so strong and doesn’t seem too uncomfortable, though her hand is digging around constantly.
  • Her phone call skills on are point. She is entertained by FaceTime and also uses the cordless house phone to greet callers with a “hi!”
  • We need to work on her playdate skills, though. Forcing kids onto the ground and then sitting/laying on them is not the most popular activity…
  • Lila’s been playing with toys that didn’t interest her too much before. She understands how to hammer things through holes, move beads along a metal track, and plays the xylophone. Cake pans are also a favorite – filling them with magnets, emptying them, and filling them again.
  • She’s still beautifully affectionate and squeeze my neck in a way that melts my heart. Her little puckered kisses are the sweetest.
  • LS still loves baths, children, running, slides, and spinning and spinning, then sitting on the ground and exclaiming, “uh oh!”

I want her with me all the time. Even if I “accidentally” have fun when she’s not around. 🙂


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  1. “The poor babe has 5-6 teeth coming in all at once”
    This happened to Wolfie. All four teeth on the top decided to come in within a few days of each other. And now he randomly got three molar teeth coming in. Very random, totally not going by the book apparently. But the worst of that batch seems to be over

    That twinsie-shoes picture makes me smile everytime.

    • poor Wolfie! i’m not looking forward to those molars! and i wish we had more similar pairs of shoes 🙂

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