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calligraphy class with circa real estate

How’d y’all spend your Valentine’s Day? We didn’t do much. My family and I basically exchanged a ton of chocolate. šŸ™‚ IĀ did have a really fun Galentine’s Day earlier this month learning calligraphy with Circa Real Estate and Calligraphy by Patricia. It was a relaxing event and I got to hang out with some really cool bloggers at a beautiful property in the Heights.

Sometimes I miss living in the Heights because it’sĀ so close to everywhere in Houston – especially the best restaurants. Also the architecture in the area is beautiful! This particular property was on the newer side and super spacious, perfect for fitting all of us in to do some fancy writing.

I haveĀ terribleĀ handwriting, but can make it artsy and curly when I need to…and somehow that didn’t help when it came to learning calligraphy.Ā ha! Once we practiced the lettering, we wrote our greeting on the pre-drawn card. Our teacher, Patricia, had a template ready that we could add details to, like gold flakes, and “paint.” Ok, I had no idea that you could add water to colored pencil scribbles and make water colors. Like…what?

While the template was the same, everyone’s end product was unique. It was really cool to see their hidden talents shine like that. Mary Wassef, the owner/broker of Circa Real Estate was so fun to hang out with! Her card was beautiful and our whole table had a blast.

Thank you to Circa Real Estate and Calligraphy by Patricia for a lovely afternoon!

And thanks to my gal pal Erica of Aiming for August for taking some photos. And making me laugh so much!


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