My sister came into town the weekend of my birthday and we went out to eat at Chuy’s. It is a nearby favorite, and the decor seems to keep LS distracted most of the time. Lots of “OOOooohhhh!” these days. 🙂


The following day, Daniel basically asked me out to dinner. (“Are you asking me out on a date??”) After enjoying my most favorite buffet, followed by a drink or two, we went by our house to see the progress. I had to pee so bad (and stated it multiple times), I didn’t want to continue the tour, but he encouraged me to check out the kitchen updates. Midstep, I stopped. There was a strange noise! He dragged me in (y’all I am a paranoid freak apparently) and that’s when everyone jumped out. So silly! I am so clueless! The noise I heard had been Lila reacting to Sandy’s giggle after I repeatedly stated how badly I had to pee. HA! I am amazed she stayed quiet for the 5 minutes we were in the front room.

Poor Daniel thought I was going to be annoyed because I had a full day of class the following Sunday (yay, grad school…), and was pretty moody the day of my actual birthday. No worries! It was fun to see my friends. Adulting is hard lately, and I don’t get to relax very often.

Our friends mostly stood around because we don’t have furniture yet! I’ve been trying to find furniture for the move back. We’ve had some good luck (sales! woohoo!) and some bad luck (white does not equal BEIGE). Because of separate conferences that Daniel and I are attending in February, we definitely need my parents even more than usual, so instead of moving back immediately, we are Daniel is gradually hauling things over there and setting it up. I can’t wait to show y’all how different the house looks!

Oh, you expected to see me in these photos?? LOL

Thank you for the lovely birthday weekend!!




  1. Aw, happy belated! Chuy’s opened in the D.C. area a couple years ago, but I didn’t make it there before I moved… I have a friend who is FULLY OBSESSED with it!

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