new year, new currentlies


Working on: Work has resumed, but before grad school starts back up I am trying to relax a bit. We are moving back home soon and instead of getting my house ready I’m sitting on my parents’ couch with LS asleep on my chest. It’s so rare and strange to be so sedentary, but I feel like I need to take advantage before life goes nuts again and LS is too old/big to want to sleep on me anymore.

I am also working on a list of realistic resolutions that will begin with our move. Spending more time with my pets is included on my mental list, too I’d like to include some weight related goals, but also sleep! I’ve been going to bed earlier than I did when we lived on our own, and it’s been pretty nice! LS woke me up at 4:30AM today and I wasn’t hurting too badly.


Anticipating: Our move back home! Everything is almost done, and then I need to order furniture and get the dust out, purge and repurge… I mean a lot. I feel like the new year will officially begin once we are home. I’m a little sad to leave my parents’ house, but I visit all the time anyway, and with being over here “part time” anyway – no bigs!

I’m not looking forward to fixing my diet, but all in good time. We are traveling to Mexico for our anniversary this year – which is a first for me – and I want to be in almost everything is different now pre-pregnancy shape, though we all know. But that’s okay. I lost all of my bathing suits to Harvey so I’ll just find something cute and cozy to help. 🙂



Wearing: Speaking of cozy, all of the winter clothes, please! The temperatures have been consistently chilly for quite some time in Houston, which has been so nice. I am in love with this Pinkblush hooded sweater because hello, florals! It isn’t too thick, which is perfect for layering a jacket on top, or a cute t-shirt. Pinkblush offers free shipping in the U.S. and there’s a 20% off sale going on, too!


Listening to: I am still going strong with the audiobooks on Hoopla! But along with books, I have been listening to a lot of John Williams at work, as well as a bit of ABBA. That’s sort of a joke because LS randomly sounds like she says “ABBA” so Daniel starts playing it. She’ll know who they are in no time. ha!




Eating: My mom’s delicious foods! I’ll definitely miss her elaborate breakfasts. I love sleep so much, it’s going to be nearly impossible to attempt her early morning feasts at our place. Same with dinner. I’m lucky that I get free lunch at work, so I don’t need to worry about that. Other than it being unhealthy sometimes, especially when I’m trying to choose the vegetarian options.


Reading: I’m reading on all devices! It was pretty overwhelming trying to read a hardcover book with LS in my lap, so I succumbed to e-books on my phone. Much smaller and easier to manage.

  • E-book: Carve the Mark by Veronica Roth (author of Divergent. Really good!)
    • I also read Diary of a Wimpy Kid because I wanted to know what my students are obsessed with. It was a quick read, and it was pretty entertaining!
  • Hardcover: Turtles All the Way Down by John Green (totally John Green, also good!)
  • Audio book: The Body Book by Cameron Diaz (very new year, new you reading for me)



Watching: When I am being the aforementioned couch potato, I watch silly movies on Freeform or Shark Tank, which my sister got me into. I’m late to the Catfish party, and have gotten into the terrible habit of watching a few episodes of My 600 Pound Life. Just don’t do it.


Motherhood: Oh my goodness, Lila’s personality is really shining at 14 months. She is connecting more words with objects [and parrotting], picking up sign language ridiculously fast, and being outright silly – all on her own. When I’m laying in bed with her, she will suddenly sit up and crawl onto my back and start bouncing up and down. It’s hilarious! And of course our laughter only pumps her up and she gets even funnier.

She’s also continued to be super affectionate. The best lately has been when she hugs me. I am not even requesting a hug and she will call me over (come here motion with both hands) and squeeze my neck. I mean I am basically a puddle at this point.

We thought she was teething last week but now it seems like a false alarm. Still zero teeth on this child! The doc doesn’t seem concerned, who we have seen too recently for a terrible cough that made her vomit and lose her big ol’ belly for a few days. She’s on antibiotics finally. Fingers crossed that cough goes away soon!

Nights are more difficult because, while I may be “strict” with how much I let LS eat (she begs more than our dogs!), I am a sucker when it comes to bedtime, and have basically reverse sleep trained her at this point. While she’s been sick I’ve kept her elevated in my bed, but lately I’ve been using her crib again, at least to begin the night. Le sigh. I know this will bite me in the butt way worse in the future! Nobody is perfect.

One of my favorite things about LS is how she basically forces me to be social. I mean it’s pretty awkward, but she goes up to everyone and then I end up talking to strange kids and adults, alike, because she’s basically already in this 8 year old’s lap singing songs and cuddling. When we were stretching our legs at the airport, she decided that the people leaning against a wall on the phones should probably look down at her little face, and would tilt her head into their periphery and say “hi!” I die. Seriously. I crack up and pull her away.


Ok, I could go on all night, but there was that “sleep” goal that I’d like to start now. 🙂




  1. My niece had zero teeth until she was about 18-20 months; then a whole bunch of them grew in at once. She’s a freshman in college now with a totally normal mouthful of teeth. 😉 I’m sure LS will get them when her mouth is ready! Such a sweet, adorable kid. ?

    • Haha! Thank you for the reassurance! My last baby tooth fell out in 7th grade so I was Def delayed BUT it’s crazy because I got my first teeth by one.

  2. It is so fun hearing what LS does, and what Wolfie does- and how they are totally different! XD He is more likely to shove kids out of his way when he wants something. I am not too concerned since there are plenty of older kids shoving him out of the way. Parents are always telling their kids “Oh be careful with the baby!” but my kid will just stiff arm your kid- I mean in the gentlest way possible. lol

    If feel you on the clothes front! I am not hating on my body, just hating that my clothes aren’t magically fitting over it! lol. I have so many clothes in my closet that I could wear! I just don’t want to spend money on more clothes. Whatever I don’t fit into by the end of the year I guess I will get rid of.

    It is so hard to pass on a free lunch. I use to get them at my old job, and when I quit it took me awhile to figure out why our grocery bills went up so much. lol

    • I can’t help but compare LS’s progress to other kiddos near her age either. It’s hard not to! And W and LS would be hilarious to watch playing Bc she might be super affectionate and huggy but she is also very handsy and sits on boys at daycare haha!

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