Two Mom Hacks with JOHNSON’S® Baby Products

I’ve partnered with @JOHNSONSbaby for this post. All opinions are my own. #EverWonder

Two Mom Hacks with JOHNSON’S® Baby Products

As a new mom, with excited friends and family, I received a lot of JOHNSON’S® products at my baby shower. First of all, I was glad to have received such a renown brand that I used growing up. Second, we were given enough that I didn’t need to feel guilty about borrowing some of Lila Sophia’s bath and body products for my own use.

While I did have my own skincare routine, I wasn’t ready for how dry my face would feel this winter. I’ve actually added some JOHNSON’S® body lotion to my post-shower facial care after forgetting my own lotion at home while away. Because JOHNSON’S® lotion is oil free, I don’t need to worry about additional breakouts. Just the regular ones. Ba-dum-psh. The lotion leaves your skin feeling soft, fresh, and smelling ready for bed. That is what I associate that delicious lotion sell with – bedtime, clean sheets, rest…mm.. 🙂

Makeup Removal & Moisturizing

Speaking of dry skin, using baby wipes to remove foundation is another good idea, but since I wear waterproof mascara, it requires a little more elbow grease to clean around my eyes. After I wash up with JOHNSON’S® shampoo, instead of rubbing my eyes too hard, I put a bit of JOHNSON’S® baby oil on a cotton ball or tissue to get the rest of the eyeliner and mascara off. It’s surprising how non-oily the baby oil makes your face feel. Seriously. Try it! The baby oil also feels amazing on my legs in the winter when all I want to do is claw up my itchy calves.

Brush Cleaning

JOHNSON’S® baby shampoo is perfect for washing your own face, but you can also wash the things that visit your face often – like your makeup brushes! I put a sprinkle of water in a bowl with a dime size dollop of shampoo and create a lather with my foundation brush. I could probably do it in the palm of my hand. I was done after a couple rinses..which is actually a lot faster with less cleanup than using the makeup brush cleaner I purchased last year! Lather and rinse those bristles, then let them set upside down to dry. I’m hoping that learning this new hack helps alleviate some gross-makeup-brush-induced acne.

What other unique uses do you have for JOHNSON’S® baby products?