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In my previous update I mentioned possibly moving back home in January. I mean, I’m pretty sure it’s going to happen. For real this time! Meanwhile, I’ve read Year with No Clutter and The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up and I am totally ready. I feel another purge-fest coming on! I plan to start with the items I’ve brought over to my parents’ home that I am cluttering it up with. We started in bins and suitcases, but as the months passed we have expanded, and sometimes exploded, all over the upstairs rooms, entryway, etc. I feel awful! But I will actually begin with some childhood belongings that should have been tossed long ago. Marie Kondo says I need to start with clothes, then books, papers, miscellaneous items, and finally sentimental goodies. I can do it!

Obviously sentimental items will be the hardest (hello, baby clothes), but my wardrobe is so different now from before I had Lila Sophia. I don’t want to say goodbye to parts of it, so really that might be the most difficult category for me to deal with. I feel like I am finding my style all over again.

How did you new moms do it? I read that tidying up will help with this type of situation. Fingers crossed.


I leave you with a few cute photos of my little family.




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  1. I get so excited when I see people start tidying up! … I wondered in your last post what lead you to read the memoir. We did the tidying up process and when we got to sentimental’s we pretty much decided we weren’t ready. Other than condensing my printed photos and reorganizing my memory chest we didn’t get rid of that category. Good luck! It’s a process but a doable one.

    • you’re the best person to talk to about this! I’ll have to hit you up once i start!

  2. Funny thing is that I think I’ve alway grew up with a very Kondo-esque way of thinking. I grew up in a small house my entire life (my current house is bigger than my original home!) so I always found getting rid of things easy. Sadly, I am bad about getting rid of clothes! Which has actually helped me! I lost a lot of weight but kept some of the older big stuff, and when I got pregnant and post pregnancy I was able to keep myself clothed.

    I think sometimes the hardest part are the other family members. We had to take down Wolfie’s jumparoo set to make room for the tree and he was in tears! Oddly he hasn’t played with it in months. And my husband has so many of his old toys and odds and ends that drive me nuts. I want to toss them so much! XD

    • Aw! Poor Wolfie! I am jealous of your way of thinking! I was raised by folks that keep everything.

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