Museum of ice cream Miami (photo heavy)

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Museum of Ice Cream Miami - tips, suggestions

While visiting Miami, my little family and I visited the Museum of Ice Cream. A friend recommended it to us as it’s basically a million photo opportunities and we bought tickets a couple weeks in advance. December slots were basically sold out before we made it for the holidays. I’m not sure how many people they let in each hour, but that’s how they control the crowd, which is pretty effective. We took our time in a couple rooms, which is what screwed us in the end because people ended up catching up to us. I wouldn’t say it got “crowded” but it made all the photos I wanted to take a little more if a hassle because the rooms are small.

The two types of people within the museum-goers: legit families with excited kids and bloggers/Instagrammers.

Museum of Ice Cream Miami - tips, suggestions

TheĀ building is called a museum, but that term is used a little loosely. There are some miscellaneous plaques in a couple areas that inform the visitors about ice cream facts, but it’s really just an experience, or more ofĀ an ice cream art museum. A lot more fun than some museums, and a lot tastier. Throughout the four floors of displays you are offered a mini chocolate milkshake, 1/3 of a chocolate covered banana, melted ice cream (milkshake?), gummy candy, and their “signature” key lime ice cream.

Ice cream fortune telling upon entry.

Glitter floors!

I wasn’t particularly fond of the room below because I really just wanted to take photographs but one of the employees makes you partake in a simple choreographed dance.

The fourth, and final, floor has a variety of activities in which to partake. Ping pong inside, hula hoops outside, and some views of downtown Miami. It was really hot on this December day in Miami, and we were sweating as we made our way through the museum, so we stayed inside and took a few photos with the popsicle display. As you can see, it’s pretty tangled up, which was disappointing. I wish they had the banana display like in the L.A. exhibit!

The sprinkle pool was pretty anticlimactic. I enjoyed the rest of the museum much more than the sprinkle pool. We had to wait in a very hot line for about 20 minutes to hop into the shallow pool of sprinkles for 3 minutes with 12 other people (15 person limit). Kids really seemed to enjoy it, of course. The lighting made for very pink photos all around, but especially in the sprinkle pool room.

Shoes go in a locker, no eating allowed. Spoiler – the sprinkles are plastic! I discovered this because we found a few in Lila’s diaper and in my shoes. ha!

I’m glad I got to experience this craze I’d seen so many cool photos of throughout my Instagram feed. If I did it again I’d choose an evening time slot because the of the heat, but the daylight definitely helped with photography. The heat was the worst part and had Lila Sophia got pretty restless towards the end there. Daniel probably wouldn’t do it again because he was so kind and took all of our photographs. I’m not sure it was worth the almost $40 price tag, but it was definitely an interesting event and we got some really cool photos out of it. šŸ™‚


When visiting the Museum of Ice Cream Miami

  • Purchase tickets well in advance.
  • Week day times are probably less crowded.
  • Choose an evening time to beat the heat. Not sure how lighting is for photos. We went at 11AM the Friday before Christmas.
  • Get there 30 minutes early because parking sucks.
  • Photos first, cold treats later – unless you want them as props. You can’t take the food into other rooms. It must be consumed/disposed of in the same room it’s given to you.
  • Be considerate of others taking photos.
  • Don’t stress like I did, you’ll get your photos. Except maybe the sprinkle pool where the time limit makes everyone a little nuts.

Have you been? What are some suggestions you have?




  1. I’ve been wanting to go to one of these places! I love the idea, plus I’ve always been a fan of installation art, so maybe making them “instagram friendly” will make more them pop-up. I think I would be the weirdo who wouldn’t take any photos XD

    • i agree – love the idea! i wish i could enjoy something without taking photos. i just want to take so many all the time!

  2. super cute photos! I still haven’t done anything with my pictures, and we took a bunch! womp womp. I’m so sad for you that the popsicles were so tangled! Maybe they hadn’t told folks to not touch them like they did in LA with the bananas. It was a fun instagram worthy experience but not a museum at all.

  3. Such a cool spot. I’ve been dying over everyone’s photos – & am glad to hear confirmation that the sprinkles are fake. I figured they had to be, or they’d streak everyone in melty colors!

    • i was wondering how many crushed sprinkles were at the bottom of the pool. i do love the idea of this place, i just got so stressed with the photos! hahaha

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