Giving in to the OTS trend

Giving in to the over the shoulder trend


I’ve been pretty reluctant to cave into the over the shoulder trend. Cold shoulder I can dig, but OTS makes me feel chunky for some reason. Can shoulders be fat? Oddly enough, that’s how it seems. I finally took the plunge with this dress from Pinkblush and am so glad I did! The cut makes it seem like I have a waist again, and the neckline isn’t too low.

Maybe the Harvey talk is getting old, but it’s still affecting my life. The obvious is that I am not moved back home yet. The not-so-obvious is that Daniel and I didn’t think to pack any winter clothes because we didn’t think we’d be out of our home for so long. When the weather took a turn a couple weeks ago, he went by our house and picked through stacks of boxes and bins for some winter gear we could use. I begged him to search for my blanket scarves, and he found them! This beige one goes perfectly with my Pinkblush attire. And I noticed this dress is in the maternity section, too. It definitely has some stretch in the belly, which might come in handy one day. Who knows!


Pinkblush OTS navy dress

Pinkblush OTS navy dress

Pinkblush OTS navy dress


Here’s a little true life for you: While I was snapping photos of my Christmas party outfit, Lila was napping in her crib. Of course she woke up just before I finished. 🙂 It’s funny how things that I would have thought could annoy me and be all sorts of frustrating, don’t. I was happy to snuggle with this pumpkin a little bit before getting her back to sleep…except she didn’t go back to sleep. Plans change. Such is motherhood life.


Pinkblush OTS navy dress


What are some of your favorite OTS pieces? Or maybe you are also tardy to the party? 🙂




  1. Nice. It’s a good in between for strapless and sleeved…I don’t have any, so yes, tardy. How does it not slip further down ? is that a dumb question, haha.

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