Dearest Lila Sophia,

You turned one last month. I can’t believe it! One year of being in the world, with us as parents, and you seem to be A-OK. Maybe a tad spoiled…but who can resist that smile? 🙂

I never imagined someone so extraordinary would be a part of my life. Life had to change, and it did. And you are worth it all. Every day I watch you, squeeze you, and love you more and more. You teach me things about yourself, and how to see the world from new little eyes.

While your father and I both have degrees in Psychology and have ready oh-so-many books about the dos and don’ts…, you have still managed to get us wrapped around your little fingers – literally, my bottom lip still hurts from rocking you to sleep earlier!

Making you laugh is tied with snuggling in bed. Chasing you around the house is hilarious, especially when you let out a little squeal. And those “boquita no” moments when you run away, smile, and put the item in your mouth anyway – whether it’s a nightlight or dog food, or a magnet – are so incredibly endearing.

I want to wake up smiling just like you. I want to get up after a hard fall, shed a tear or two, and move on with my life. I want to protect you and your amazing personality from all of the bad things in the world, always.

Time if flying away, and soon I won’t be your #1 person. So right now, this very moment, I am going to go cuddle with you. Because time is precious, and so are you.












  1. Gosh it’s been a whole year! Crazy how fast it can go by (and how slow it can be- at least the first few sleep deprived months for me XD) She looks like the cutest lil stinker.

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