finish up your holiday shopping in one place

This post is in collaboration with JCPenney. All opinions are my own. #JCPChallenge

Finish your holiday shopping - JCPenney gift guide


The holidays are so much fun. I love the music, silly movies, and travel! The process…not so much, but visiting family is always worth it. And you know what that means – lots of shopping. Thanks to the floods kicking us out of our home, we need to keep somewhat of a budget when it comes to holiday shopping. Daniel, Lila Sophia, and myself have been so lucky. Our families have donated to help us, as have our friends. Regardless, we’ll still be spending money we weren’t planning to. JCPenney is coming to the rescue for sure.


Finish your holiday shopping - JCPenney gift guide


Speaking of holiday shopping, I don’t know about you, but Black Friday to Cyber Monday stressed me out! I feel like I needed to get all of my holiday shopping done in those few days in order to save and be ready for the holidays. JCP has loads of items at reasonable prices allt he time, which comes in handy for early shopping, last minute shopping, and Secret Santa shopping!



Every time I visit JCPenney I am surprised by what they carry – like all of the children’s toys, for example. My favorite purchases are always from the baby section as well as Sephora. Daniel accompanied me and made his usual Levi’s purchase. Ha! We can’t ever escape without a pair of jeans. At least they were on sale for $50 versus the usual $70!

Here are a few of my recommendations for the holidays!

Finish your holiday shopping - JCPenney gift guide

  1. Denim for the traditional dude guy.
  2. Fisher Price phone for the cute kiddo in your life.
  3. Glam Glow for the skincare obsessed person.
  4. Ugly sweater for the socialite [duh, ugly sweater parties!]
  5. Wine box for the connoisseur.


Along with the fun gifts listed, here are a couple other cool ideas! Take the JCPenney Challenge and get your shopping done early this year – without breaking the bank.


Pikachu shirt for the Pokémon Go lover.


Disney ornaments and apparel for your Disney nut.


Are you going to take the JCPenney Challenge? Let’s see how much you can save!