creative people and shimmery dresses

Some of my friends are incredibly talented. I met Kiki when I made my roller derby home team. She was one of my first friends because we discovered we both had blogs! Since then, Kiki has really made a name for herself! I am constantly impressed by all of her hard work and the amazing results.

Daniel and I were invited to her latest success: Creative Collaborations. Lila Sophia may or may not have crashed the party. My time with her feels so limited, I try to bring her wherever I can.

The event was so much fun! I was able to reminisce with old derby friends, chat with other bloggers, and listen to Kiki’s reading…thanks to Daniel. 🙂 Since Lila is quite mobile now, she prefers wiggling around to sitting in our laps most of the time, especially in new places she can explore. Daniel chased her around most all night, and I totally appreciate him for it!

For a limited time, Kiki’s book, Creative Collaborations, is only $0.99. Grab that deal while you can!

And since I am plugging friends’ books, if you are into romance type novels, check out this latest book collection.

Lila is a constant blur these days. 🙂

I love the details of this dress. So pretty and shimmery!

The dress I wore to the Creative Collaborations book party is from PinkBlush of course! And please keep this secret…it’s a maternity dress. Their maternity wear is so versatile, I find myself bouncing between their women’s and maternity clothes almost seamlessly. Such great transitional wear. I’m a year out and still adore maternity attire.

Thanks for helping me strike a pose, Danny! [He recently did our family/Lila photos! Can’t wait to share!]


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  1. Love your style of writing. Oh, and the maternity outfits can go a long way. I wore mine way past pregnancy since they were so comfy and cute… win-win! And your daughter is so adorable!

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