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NightLight Pediatric Urgent Care


Comfortable atmosphere

Last week, Lila Sophia and I co-hosted an event at NightLight Pediatric Urgent Care. I was looking forward to the tour because after perusing their Instagram account, I noticed really cool murals in each room! They were designed to be kid-friendly, which they definitely are, and to help put them at ease. I definitely noticed how comfortable the environment was compared to a typical doctor’s office. After visiting Lila’s pediatrician for the first time, I was excited to collaborate with NightLight Pediatric because they came highly recommended.

Reading promotion

The staff members were so sweet, talking and interacting with Lila throughout the tour. She has recently become extremely interested in books and kept grabbing them all and running off! We were informed that NightLight Pediatrics actually give a book away to younger kiddos after their appointment in order to promote reading. As a librarian and parent I can totally support that.


NightLight Pediatric Urgent Care

NightLight Pediatric Urgent Care

NightLight Pediatric Urgent Care

Considerate and caring staff

The details in each room, and the waiting room, really showed how thoughtful the staff is. The murals for comfort, the TVs for options, and the table for playing and reading. Lila was interacting with Dr. Dao, and possibly trying to boss her around! Dr. Dao handled it very well, encouraging Lila to do things on her own. When my mom asked her if she had any children, she swept her arm across the waiting room and said these are her children – the ones that come in for urgent care.

The Moms and Mimosas event took place in the waiting area – with DIY yogurt parfaits that were so good! As soon as Lila saw one of the women eating some fruit, she immediately “requested” some [very loudly]. Bossy! Dr. Dao answered a few questions we had, and mine were mostly about daycare, colds, and diaper rashes. One guest asked about CPR courses, which I hope they end up doing. I’d love to get certified. Did you know Lila doesn’t have any teeth yet? I’m always afraid she won’t “gum” her food enough and end up choking. :-O


One of my favorite takeaways is the chart Lila is holding! And the adorable sleep mask. 🙂

Keeping your pediatrician informed

The purpose of NightLight Pediatric Urgent Care is so you have somewhere to take your child after hours. It’s not meant to replace an emergency room. [Here is some good information about urgent care vs the emergency room.] NightLight also share reports with your pediatrician. Thankfully Lila Sophia hasn’t needed any urgent care yet, but with a kiddo, you never know what to expect! At least I am comfortable knowing Lila would be in good hands with NightLight.


Check out the new offices in Tanglewood and Garden Oaks on October 30th between 11AM-2:30PM as they celebrate their grand openings. Definitely an event you don’t want to miss!





  1. That’s cool, I’ve never heard of an urgent care sharing info with your regular doctor. I hope she never needs it but good to know it exists!

    • i like how some of my recent posts have crossed over into your job-world!

  2. You’d be surprised what babies can eat by just “gumming” food. We did Baby Led Weaning, so my daughter ate everything we ate!

    • Oooo I’m intrigued! What’s that? We have started giving her food from the table in tiny bites!

  3. The murals are pure genius! So much more comforting than the typical sterile walls. Anything to make a doctor’s visit a little more bearable!

  4. It sounds like it’s a wonderful place to take your kids. That would be awesome if they offered CPR classes. Those are very handy with kids.

  5. I like this clinic already. Very different than those drab green walls. If I were a kid, I would not be afraid of going to the doctor if all clinics looked like this.

  6. What an awesome place! It’s amazing that they would put so much time and effort into making the kids feel safe and at ease <3

  7. I love they the urgent care put on an event like that! What an awesome idea to get parents in and get them informed! My favorite part is the books that’s a much better take away than a sticker or something you usually get from the Doctors!

  8. Lovely baby. So good there’s Pediatric Urgent Care in your place. Never heard of something like that hear here. Hope to have one nearby.

  9. She is absolutely adorable! That place looks like a really nice and family friendly environment!

  10. As someone who frequents the urgent care when I am traveling, i like the design and aesthetics. Also – your baby is so cute!

  11. What a little cutie! I’m so glad you had a positive experience XOXO

  12. Why aren’t more doctor’s office’s like this?! So much more comfortable and the kids would be so much more relaxed (and therefore often easier to diagnose)

  13. First, your daughter is so adorable in her dress. and this clinic looks comfortable and friendly kid. It easier for the doctor to have a checkup and diagnose easier for the children.

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