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Working on: Between finishing up my summer classes, our final summer trip before being away from LS all day, and getting back to work…I’m tired! I’ve been working on trying to get the library ready for kiddos to visit regularly and then rushing home to see my sweet babe.

Work has been going well! In case you missed it, I am an elementary librarian now. Everyone is so nice and patient with my newbie self. I can’t wait to get into a routine so that maybe things can settle down a bit.


Anticipating: More classes! Seriously, the fall semester starts in a couple weeks and I hope I don’t drown. But also my sister’s wedding. That is going to be a super fun weekend celebrating a really cool gal [and guy]. We just had her bridal shower and I felt really awkward leading games, etc, because, well, I am an awkward person. ha! But my mom, cousin, and family totally put everything together when I was too overwhelmed. And let’s talk about this amazing cake from The Sweet Boutique in Sugar Land. I visited my family the next day, hoping for some leftovers…there were about two bites left. I was so sad!

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Wearing: Busting out all the old teacher clothes! Thanks goodness I have a few new pieces from PinkBlush. I couldn’t decide on something tropical for the trip, but this PinkBlush top was too cute to pass up. It’s super soft and looks great tucked in, too. Might have to throw it into my teacher wardrobe.

I’ve also started wearing a Groove Life ring. It came in really handy on vacation so I didn’t need to mess with taking my traditional ring on and off depending on the activities.


Listening to: I’ve got quite a commute now. Not too bad, but a good 30 minutes. All of this summer’s required reading got me really into audio books and with my library card, Hoopla is a great resource for that! I listen to Case Files now and then, but since I’m almost caught up I like to let the episodes stack up a bit.

Oh, and I’m pretty sure my obsession with Moana came and went between currentlies, but I still enjoy playing the soundtrack!



Eating: Daniel has been the bestest. Thanks to getting back into a work routine and being around kids all day, I’ve been exhausted and sick. Enter Daniel, the bestest. He didn’t mind that I passed out with Lila around 8:30 a couple nights in a row, or 9 pm thanks to some cough medicine. He’s done a great job packing up LS’s daycare needs, and my own breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Since LS got a cold she’s been with my parents’ though, for which I am so so grateful!

Reading: While books on tape have been convenient for the road, nothing beats having a big ol’ book in your hands. Violated peaked my interest because it’s based on events that went down in Waco, TX, specifically at Baylor University. It’s a really interesting read about a topic that needed uncovering, specifically one girl’s and how it led to more reports. I was amazed and appalled at the number of rape cases that got pushed under the rug. And the politics and psychology behind it all in regards to how tied together everyone is. Craziness. Violated is not an uncomfortable read, and there are plenty of details when it comes to the authorities that failed to take responsibility. The book itself is really nice quality and I am proud to add it to my collection.



Watching: Daniel got me into the Netflix series, Atypical, about an autistic teenager and his family. Too bad it’s only 8 episodes! Torture! Plus The Defenders was recently released and we are about halfway through. Dang that Danny Rand is annoying.

I already mentioned Moana, but ya, I think I watched it about 7 times or so.


Motherhood: Lila Sophia is ten months old! It’s been pretty depressing when I think too much about how many hours I am missing from LS’s daily life. I’m so lucky that my parents love watching her during the week, but we are also doing part time daycare. She’s already got a cold and passed it on to me! Her congestion sounds so sad!

Some updates on the little munchkin:

  • She points at everything, so I basically just name what it is she’s pointing at.
  • Lila has learned to scream if she doesn’t get her way. Sorry, chica!
  • We think her first word was “mum mum,” her favorite snack. Now she sort of says “mama.”
  • LS claps a lot now. It’s like she puts on a show and then claps at appropriate times, which makes everyone else clap. Her manipulation skills are adorbs.
  • Unfortunately, LS is going through a phase where everything is thrown to the ground.
  • She uses the wall with one hand and walks along it. Last week she took a couple steps but I haven’t seen her try it much since.
  • LS eats a lot of different foods, but we try to avoid salt, sugar, and dairy.
  • She has perfected waving. “Say hi” and “say bye” elicit little royalty waves from her highness.



We are so lucky LS could come with us to Little Cayman. I know she adores spending extra time with us, and it was a great last trip before work started back up. LS had her own fan club over there. Everyone was so nice, and meals were incredibly entertaining. She people watched, played in the water and sand, and called out to anyone that walked by, clapped, tasted so many things, and spent time with her grandma, who she doesn’t see as often. LS had a “best friend” for a couple days, too, who I ended up running into at the airport.



I leave you with some amazing imagery. It’s a whole other world below the ocean. We are so tiny.




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  1. Life totally gets in the way! I have my 8 month baby post that is late- again. It is almost time to write the 9 month post ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

    Those scuba photo are super dreamy! Did you take them?

    • i feel you! i fell two months behind on life updates! and yes, i took them. 🙂

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