what i learned on vacation, sans child

Daniel and I went on our annual ski trip, as planned. We knew we weren’t going to take LS, but a couple weeks out I considered it. I became really apprehensive, and got stuck on an emotional rollercoaster. There are probably more videos and pictures in my phone from February alone than any other months combined. Obviously we all survived, but I definitely learned a few things.

  1. Distractions help. I got up earlier than necessary so I could spend 30 minutes cuddling with LS. Other than getting a little choked up during that time, I was basically distracted the entire day. Instead of crying on the airplane, I tried reading my book, and then texted back and forth [$2. worth it] with my sister, who missed her flight. Doh!
  2. Pumping just doesn’t cut it. Maybe it was the altitude combined with the simple mechanics of pumping versus a baby drinking straight from the source, but I got ridiculously clogged up the first two days. I’m talking hot shower, massages, hand warmers, frustrated clogged up. Most of the time I could rectify the malfunction, but it took about 1.5 hours every time. FOR REAL. It took until Day 3 for my body to adjust somewhat.
  3. FaceTime is your friend. My mom sent me so many pictures and updates, I didn’t stress about my baby at all. To be honest, I worried more for my parents than for LS. They are super attentive and I thought maybe they wouldn’t get enough sleep because she made a little noise in the night. I’m incredibly grateful to them!
  4. Skiing after having a kid is a beotch. I did it to myself really. But I’m finally working out again. Just recently started back – woohoo!
  5. Traveling with breast milk is also a beotch. Every. Bag. was tested. All of them. Glad we weren’t rushing through I guess! Also, keeping them cold was frustrating and expensive. Lesson learned.
  6. It’s possible to have fun. The first day didn’t count because I got to hang out with my baby. Day 2 could have been bad because I had those breast milk issues [le sigh] – thank goodness for friends, family, and skiing. Day 3 was a little tougher, but the excitement for seeing LS on Day 4 was kicking in.


Basically I want LS with me wherever I go. That’s just life now, I guess. 🙂