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Happy new year, friends! It’s been about a month and a lot has happened. 🙂 We are finally relaxing after a whirlwind couple of weeks. Daniel, LS, and I spent Christmas in Miami with my family, and then we were back home for a couple days before hitting the road to second Christmas with Daniel’s side of the family. LS did so great on the plane! On the way to Miami I fed her during take off and landing, she played a bit, and slept a lot. We had a late flight back so she basically just slept and didn’t need any food. yay!

The flight to Cresson was even better! As soon as we took off she passed out. Not even the turbulence woke her up. Flying is definitely in her blood!



Working on: Now that things are slowing down, I’m working on the house. We started having problems with Rory again – probably because of how long we were gone. She started using the front area of our home as her own personal litter box! We clean the area almost every day, but it’s very difficult to get the smell 100% out. I plan on using a mixture of water, vinegar, and baking soda. As far as Rory, a friend recommended this diffuser to try and get her to chill out. Along with it, I ordered a litter attractant to see if it would entice her to use her box more often. Fingers crossed!


Anticipating: We are going on our annual ski trip in a few weeks and I’m excited but also nervous about leaving LS! Miami was a little preview because, other than feeding her, I barely saw her throughout the day [my family adored her]. My parents are going to be great babysitters, as usual, but I will miss her so much! Gotta setup that Facetime…. 🙂

Speaking of skiing, this is the first year that I am seriously not in shape. And what sucks is that the gym is going to be packed with New Year’s resolution folks…whereas I am just coming back after sufficient time resting from my surgery.

ALSO – masters classes start January 17th! Fingers crossed I can handle that, parenting, and working part time.



Listening to: A lot of John Williams again. 🙂 When LS and I are chillin’ in the morning I’ll usually put it on. We both like some good background music. Also, a local station that used to play pop [95.7] switched things up and it’s currently one of my faves! They now play a mix of 80s and 90s it seems. Holla!


Eating: Insert the embarrassed face emoji here. I am incredibly grateful to my mom and Daniel for making sure I eat properly. Since the baby I have been really bad about eating breakfast right away since I tend to her first, and catch up on some sleep. Maybe one of my resolutions will be grocery shopping. I haven’t wanted to attempt a serious grocery trip with the baby, so I have been putting it off until recently. My parents babysat while I shopped for about half an hour. There’s food in the house, yay!


Reading: The last three books I read are in this post. I actually didn’t finish Tiny Cooper because it was just meh. Over the break I did a horrible job. That’s usually when I read the most! But I just couldn’t get into Six of Crows. I am still trying!!

Next up: You Should Have Known & At the Water’s Edge.



similar boots  // Lularoe leggings  //  faux furry vest- gift! 🙂  //  Firmoo glasses

Jessica Simpson nursing top & nursing tank  //  Kendra Scott earrings- gift!

[[seriously my most comfortable nursing clothes – especially the camisoles. The built in bra is amazing!]]


Watching: I watched the series called Divorce with SJP. It was pretty good! I also watched the entire SATC series because seeing her made me watch to go through it all over. She’s more fun on Sex and the City. haha

Daniel and I started the series called The Magicians. He described it as a grown up Harry Potter. It’s also based on a book so maybe I should pick that up, too. 🙂

Oh, and I can’t forget Impractical Jokers. Thanks to my sister and her fiancé [yay congrats!!] Daniel and I [and Sandy] get to see them in March. Woohoo!


Wearing: I’m obsessed with Lularoe. I finally understand why it’s so popular – especially why moms absolutely love it. The clothing is so soft and comfy on my postpartum self, I never want to wear anything else! Except the Jessica Simpson nursing camisoles. Seriously in love. haha Since purchasing my first pair of leggings last summer, I now own 4 pairs, a cardy, and three dresses. Ob. Sessed.


Motherhood: Things with LS have been great. She’s proved to be an excellent flying buddy, and started sleeping through the nights last month [not including a few hiccups along the way]. We notice she has “stormy” periods, but tends to bounce back to her smiley and giggly self pretty quickly.

Her biggest milestone lately is all the wonderful babbling, combined with grasping things. I’ve also noticed that she requires a bit more entertainment, which includes [assisted] sitting up and standing. Speaking of sitting up, if we are at a restaurant for a while and she wakes up, LS prefers to be in our laps and able to look around. I don’t mind, she’s so cuddly. 🙂

We are currently trying to get her on an eating schedule, but of course some days are better than others. Fingers crossed we get her to every 4 hours by February.



Look – we match! And were hit with a cold gust of wind! ha! Because most headbands were still too big for Lila’s head I started making them myself. She has the same design in a variety of colors and it’s been really fun getting back into my crafty ways. 🙂


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  1. Ryan is also watching The Magicians, described it the same way!

  2. I was reading an article awhile ago about how the creators adapted the books for the show. It sounds like the books are going to be fairly different from the show.

    • That makes sense! The show is high in sexuality that I assume was added in for allure. Maybe not all of it, but probably quite a bit…

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