three months


This third month actually went by a lot slower than the first two months, and for that I am grateful. LS is definitely going through a lot of changes. She recently started reaching for her dangling toys on the playmat and will either grasp them or run her hands over the different textures. We have been reading a couple books each week and I recently switched to anything that has multiple fabrics/materials so she can keep touching them. LS is mesmerized by fabric patterns, and will stare, or run her hand over the blouse. Long hair seems to be a big comfort since she’s been stroking, grasping it while feeding or falling asleep. My absolute favorite moments are when goes to sleep with her head on my shoulder, while one of her hands strokes my neck/hair. It’s the most precious thing.

LS has been smiling for a while now, but in this third month my family and friends have been the most taken by how often she will smile real big and laugh. My parents especially get a kick out of it, and my dad cracks up when she consistently giggles at him. We often catch her watching us and smiling, which is the cutest ever. LS has also been really chatty! You can hear her babbling during or after a diaper change mostly, but it’s easy to get her started by repeating “ah-ooooo” a few times, since it seems to be her favorite mouth formation.



As LS becomes more aware, she wants to be able to observe her surroundings instead of, let’s say..sleep. ha! While we are still incredibly lucky that her temperament is pretty chill, she’s got a serious case of FOMO and continues to prefer assisted sitting and standing, but now she must face the action. For example, my family went out to dinner for my birthday recently and LS turned into quite the fuss bucket once she heard everything going on outside of her carrier. We took turns holding her up until she was basically just fighting sleep. That’s when my sweet mother took her outside for a stroll. After a couple more passes, LS finally fell asleep on Daniel’s lap and was carrier-ready again. I’m not quite sure if this is the right way to go, but we aren’t going to alter any dinner plans to suit her. I’d like to get into more of a rhythm and see if she adjusts.


My sister asked LS to be her flower girl! I can’t believe she will fit into that shirt in 9 months. WOW.



The only thing that’s worrying me a little is how distracted she is by screens [phone, TV] already. I need to make a pretty big effort to cut back in her presence.





  1. She is so cute! Funny reading your post and my little kid shares some of the same qualities (uh… mostly just the fighting sleep thing XD)

    It is best when babies start to smile. It is nice to get some feedback other than crying.

    • fighting sleep has gotten worse! haha mostly when others are around or we are in public though, which kind of makes sense. 🙂

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